AK-47 big bore

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    So why should the AR-15 boys have all the fun with the 458 Socom and 50 Beowulf?
    I think its time there was a big-bore AK type rifle. I've heard rumor of Saiga shotguns being converted to 45-70 Gov't, but I cant confirm anything. I have seen proof of a 44 magnum AK-47 type rifle but I didnt like being limited to 10 rounds with the modified Desert Eagle magazines he was using for the gun.
    Theoretically its possible and I've tried to stick with calibers you can buy at a little more easily than the wildcat cartridges, but if any of you were to have an AK type rifle (or converted shotgun) in a large caliber what would it be? My initial thought was the .500 S&W Magnum, simply because it has pistols in the same caliber thus using the old cowboy concept.
    Perhaps I've lost my mind, its not entirely impossible. :D