ak 308 or 311 bore and legal question

Discussion in 'Connecticut Gun Forum' started by n8ball, Mar 16, 2013.

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    so i have a romanian ak, sar 1, cugir marked but imported by cai. I was wondering if anyone knew the bore size, i have tried my calipers in the muzzle but it is difficult to get an accurate reading and i dont have a lead bullet in that caliber as i dont reload them. i havent had any accuracy issues using .308 factory loads, but if it is .311 i would like to reload with the correct size, and dont want to do any longterm damage by firing the .308 reloads.
    also i have had a really hard time finding out if my ak is still legal, i am in ct and it is very difficult to find specifics when it comes to gun bans. mine does not have a bayonet lug or a threaded barrel but it has the grenade launcher sight mount on the left of the receive. any help would be greatly appreciated!! thx
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    Slug the bore to measure it. I believe the Yugoslav sks was the one with the .311" bore diameter. Ruger mini in 7.62x39 had a .308" diameter.

    Go to the ct website look for ak47 the info should come up.