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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by kiabe1, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. kiabe1

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    Im trying to figure out if i can load a shell with with airsoft bbs to create an effective lees than lethal round does anyone know if this would work
  2. unclebear

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    Theres a video on youtube but it really doesn't do a good job of showing the damage on target. Anything shot out of a gun has the ability to be deadly, even airsoft pellets, I would stick with market rounds like bean bags if anything. I don't suggest trying to mods shells unless you know what your doing but usually that doesn't stop people anyway so if you try it make a video of it so we all can learn.

    But like I said I do not suggest doing this...

  3. robocop10mm

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    As you are in Texas I will keep it Texas specific; A firearm is a deadly weapon. With the POSSIBLE exception of specially designed less lethal munitions fired by specially trained trained LEO's, using a firearm for anything but lethal ammo is a very bad idea.

    If you are just into experimentation for the fun of it, you will have some difficulties to deal with. Airsoft pellets are very hard and brittle. They are likely to break from the stress of firing unless kept slow and cusioned.