Airsoft as Tactical Trainer?

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by opsec, Mar 20, 2013.

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    This topic may have been discussed before, but with the current (lack of) availability of ammo, I would like the opinion of those who have used or heard about using realistic airsoft sidearms for practice. I have read a few articles and have seen recommendations for brands like KWC. My current carry is a gen 4 G23. I'm writing this initial question on a smart phone, so it will be brief. I plan to revisit this topic when I'm able to write a more extensive list of questions.
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    Practice is practice, even if you use a banana or a hockey stick. And if you have something that shoots cheap ammo, even better. I use tactical .22s for tactical shooting drills, run & gun, mag change drills etc, to not burn up a fortune in .223 or 7.62. But with the current ammo shortage you are smart to keep up proficiency with anything you've got.

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    Thats how I use to train when I was in school we would play airsoft we had this stretch of land that ran about 5 miles (public) and we would work on things from tracking to map reading and tactics. There was a few old buildings there and we got permission to use them and we even played a couple of games with the local SRT it was all good fun until you get put down by a LEO that out weights you by 100 pounds. But it was all good fun and good training, the only problem I always had with a airsoft gun was I had a classic army full legnth m16 style rifle set up like a SPR.

    I would sit there see someone and try to take the shot and it come no where near hitting them. I kept forgetting I was shooting an airsoft gun and that I didn't have the nice long range ability. But for running drills and all that can't get go wrong.
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    I get together with my friends sometimes and we will do real life training with paintball and co2 air soft its a blast and keeps you sharp.
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    I bought two BB guns black ones mine pink is my daughters. We practice with these cause of the shortage of 22lr.