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    how can you transport fire arms with a ccw .....when traveling by plane ....or is this forbidden
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    Do not even THINK of carrying a concealed wapon into an airport. I will NOT send you cartons of menthol cigarettes while you are in the Federal pen.:eek:

    Only certain LEOs can carry beyond the security checkpoint. They will be on duty.

    You CAN transport a gun when flying- in your checked baggage. Unloaded. After "declaring" the gun to the airline, having it inspected, and filling out the declaration form.

    Go to the TSA website, ( and do some reading. After reading there, if you still have questions, give me a yell.

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    Thanks......just wondering ....wasn't planning to just a thought.....for future info
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    There is a legal way to transport an unloaded firearm when traveling by air. Basically, must be unloaded & in a TSA approved locked case & declared so they can tag it. But, you really need to read their rules for yourself. Also, something you must consider is the gun laws at your destination. A co-founder of the Tea Party was arrested for having an illegal firearm in his possession at the new york city airport. He's licensed to carry in his county in california & he'd followed the rules about it being unloaded & in an approved locked case, but when he declared it, as required, they arrested him because he wasn't permitted to have possession of a firearm in nyc!
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    I've done it, and it's not that difficult as long as you pay attention to detail.

    As stated, check the TSA website.

    Also check the state laws for every state where you will be. That's what got the Tea Party guy in trouble.

    Lastly, check the website of the airline(s) you will be flying on. They sometimes have additional restrictions. Typically, it's no big deal, but you need to be on top of it.

    And you don't necessarily need a CCW to travel with the gun.