Air Travel - What is the process? Is it worth the hassel?

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    I have a CC permit, and have carried everyday for more than 20 years. I carry anywhere in my home state and when traveling by car. The only glaring exception has been when traveling by commercial airline. I make 8-10 business and vacation trips a year by air.

    Provided my permit has reciprocity with my destination. What is the process?

    Is it worth the trouble?
  2. c3shooter

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    Go to the TSA website, and the website for your airline- and they will have info there. AND we have discussed it here a bit.

    Not a big hassle. Make DAMN sure gun is unloaded. Magazines empty. Ammo, packed separate from gun, in original closed box (or one like it).

    When you get to check in counter, with gun inside a locked hard sided case that will be in your CHECKED baggage, look at the nice person at the counter, say "Good morning. I would like to declare an unloaded firearm in my checked baggage. They will usually take you aside, wait a minute for the TSA guy, open case, let them see gun. Fill out card that declares it is unloaded. Put card in case, lock, put in suitcase, close suitcase, hand to TSA. Keep key.


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    The tsa website has the pertinent info, also call the airline you plan to fly. Its typically very straight forward. You have a hard sided locked case, unloaded firearm, and your box of ammo (best to keep it in its original box, in the locked case, mags unloaded). The locked case is in your checked bag. You goto the airport, to the main counter for your airline, when you goto check yoir bag you state that you are checking an unloaded firearm, they make you open the case, they inspect it (to make sure unloaded). Then they have you sign the declaration, then tsa escorts you and checked bag to an xray/ctscan room, they scan your bag etc. Then they secure your bag (with pistol inside). Than they have the bag taken to the plain to be loaded and you proceed normally to the regular security screening /checkpoint. You are to be the only one with a key to the locked pistol box, and must retain it on your person, except to put it on the tray with your wallet/cell etc through the xray. After that you retain it. When you get to your destination you go to baggage claim, most likely the baggage claim office (for lost/oversized baggage) , where you will most likely have to show your id to claim it. On occasion it might skip right to the carousel, thats against security protocol but it happens. As long as youre not flying from chicago, ny, nj then you should be fine. If you simply have a couple hour layover there than you should be ok.