Air Rifle hunting and shooting laws in Kal.

Discussion in 'California Gun Forum' started by Popgun, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Hey my fellow Kalifornians Komrads (wink wink),

    I'm putting together a list of all the weapon types that would be good to own for all times and conditions. I'm starting to add to my modest inventory of weapon types to match my list as I'm able. The other day I was thinking of adding a scoped high-velocity 22cal. air rifle for use if I'm ever in a survival mode and don't want to attract attention. In the mean time, not wanting to run afoul of the law, does anybody here know what the laws in this state say about hunting small game with an air rifle? I'm mostly concerned about the "what not to do's". I believe the laws on transport/carry/shoot are the same as other firearms.

    Thanks for sharing whatever you know on this subject.