Aim point or eotech for ar15

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    I will be picking up my Hera Arms 15th Dynamic AR15 next Thursday. I will also need an optic. I am looking at the aimpoint t-1 micro ($510) and the eotech sp3-2 ($538). I have seen the sight picture for both. What is your recommendation and experience for both companies? Thank you.
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    Both top quality. Get the one you like best. you can't go wrong with either one.:)

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    I own both the Eotech 512 and the Aimpoint Pro.

    Their price point is almost identical and depending on whichever sale is going on hovers around $400

    The Aimpoint Pro is a highly developed red d ot and on the high end as far as red dots go.

    The Eotech 512 is a Holographic sight which is a superior technology to red dots but is one of the more affordable holographics almost an entry level as far a holographics go, which are a more expensive technology to make.

    The Aimpoint PRO however has some significant practical features the EOtech does not (flip up lens covers , 2 not 1 screws to maintaini zero.. the all around body is more rugged , 50,000 hr battery life out of a lighter battery)

    But the EOtech does work for me better in target acquisition, especially at ranges over 100 yards.... the EOtechs reticle with the 1 MOA point in the middle setup is superior performance wise and ingeneral Holographics are an optically cleaner and more precise technology to boot.

    And 1000 hours battery life is nothing to sneeze at either, especially since it uses the most common battery in the world the AA.

    If your requirements set is essentially Close Quarters only The Aimpoint wins hands down be cause its only 2 weaknesses relative the Eotech mean nothing at under a 100 yards, while offering a more practal all around setup in some ways.

    if you want a setup up that is good at short range and will perform in a pinch to 200 or more yards the Eotech is better.

    And when it comes to ruggedness its defintly not a fragile unit either and the aluminum armor protecting the primary optics unit is almost certainly even tougher than the body of the Aimpoint.

    The AIMpoint protects everything under aluminum "armor" the EOtech protects the main optics unit under "armor" but the battery compartments is protected by hard plastic.

    So if CQB is your near exclusive game, such as urban self defense, HD or urban SHTF, Aimpoint PRO wins IMO due to features/ extreme ruggedness.

    If you also want to go hunting and want/need a little bit better long range capability on top of the good CQB , than the Eotech is your choice.


    - Both cost roughly same
    - Both are practical but Aimpoint gets the nod in practical features and a little extra ruggedness (though the Eotech is not impratcial and not unrugged)
    - both work well but EOtech performs a bit better IMO for target acquisition especially at longer ranges

    IMO they are essentially equivalent, buy whichever one is on sale.
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  4. Jagermeister

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    Thank you for your help,
    I will be hunting smaller game like fox and Roe deer at 30-100 meters, plinking at no more then a hundred meters, comp. shooting and home defense. So, 5 to 150 meters. That is a big difference.
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    Well said, I also own both but prefer my Eotech 556 over my Aimpoint ML3. I rarely shoot under 100 yards and the 1 moa dot makes for more precise shooting.