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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by elmerfudge, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. elmerfudge

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    Just got back from my weekly therapy session at the range. Short on time so I went to the indoor range a couple miles from the office. :D

    My routine - I don't mix guns/calibers on a given shoot. IMHO mixing confuses the brain and muscle memory. At least for me.

    3 weekly trips during the month, I shoot my Ruger Mark III. I typlically shoot on the 50' range. I love .22. Inexpensive and I can shoot 300-400 rounds without fatigue. I'm an old fart.

    One trip a month, I shoot my CCW Glock 26. Mostly at 25' but some at 50'. Usually 100-150 rounds. Wish I could shoot more but even 9mm is bloody expensive.

    Both my indoor range and outdoor range give senior discounts. So the $8 or so range fee and the price of ammunition is a lot less expensive than couch time with a shrink.

    Shoot well and often...
  2. BenLuby

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    Agreed. I find my best sessions usually involve trigger time, not some idiot in a cardigan saying "I see, go on..." over and over.

  3. silverado113

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    Check out http://www.reliantammo.com/ even with shipping their 9mm ammo is pretty dang cheap. I need to hit the range myself it's been 3 days and I'm dying here.