Ah Yes: The Once-A-Year Hunter

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  1. Dillinger

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    1. Shiny new, high-powered deer rifle..............$ 1,200.00

    2. Quality, high-powered scope........................$ 550.00

    3. Bore sighting device.....................................$ 140.00

    4. Hospital Visit......................$ 4,893.00

    5. Forgetting to remove the bore sighting device prior to actually shooting the damned thing?


    Look, a Collimeter is a great device, if you know what the Eff you are doing with it!! However, you don't leave the damn thing in the barrel when you load a LIVE ROUND!!


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  2. dnthmn2004

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    I think this is a fake.

    From Mythbusters,

    Myth: A shotgun plugged by a human finger will backfire and explode injuring or killing the shooter instead of the intended victim.


    Both test hands (composed of ballistics gel of varying firmness) were completely obliterated by the shotgun blast. Neither had the volume or strength needed to plug the barrel to create enough pressure to cause it to explode. Even under ridiculous circumstances like having the barrel clogged with dirt, being sealed off by a 4 inch spike welded into the barrel and by being blocked by a simulated squib load, the gun still didn’t explode. The best results seen were minor deformations in the gun barrel.

  3. BillM

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    A LOT of difference between the pressures involved with a shotgun and a
    centerfire rifle. You CAN blow up a gun. A light load in a 9mm that lodges
    a bullet toward the end of the barrel, and then another round fired behind
    it will split the pistol barrel full length, bulge the slide, and blow it off the
    rails at one end. Trust me---I did it and have the slide and barrel as proof.

  4. bobbyb13

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    Only thing I can come up with

    Ouch, d@mn, dumb@$$
  5. Merc187

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    Looks like someone was in a hurry. Obviously the last thing he thought about was a weapons check. Bet the first thinig he does before getting behind a scope now is glance at the muzzle. Then again, we have Darwin Awards for a reason. :rolleyes:

    As far as being fake, I can see how this could have easily happened. I am pretty sure a bullet mushrooming in the end of your barrel could be a bad thing. However, common sense would also tell you (without Mythbusters) that if I stick my finger in the end of that, I am going to pull back a stump.

    Scenerio 1?

    Shooter to friend "I can get the laser out, it's stuck."
    Friend "Let me try.... Nope still stuck."
    Shooter "Well now what the eff do I do."
    Friend [With light bulb above head] "I know! Shoot a round through it and the bullet will push it out!"
  6. Jesse17

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    I've seen plenty of barrels looking just like the pics above, at the Cody, WY. museum of fire arms.

    The most dangerous mistake in reloading is in not loading or not loading enough powder in a shell. When you fire it, it lodges the bullet in the barrel (called a stove pipe), then the next round has nowhere to go and the barrel will "banana peel" just like the pics show.

    As a hand loader, I'd much rather have an overloaded cartridge than an underloaded cartridge!
  7. mrm14

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    Blown up Shotgun Barrel

    A myth? I think not!

    My family owned a auto part/hardware/sporting goods store until recently. Back in the early 1970's we had a customer who bought a Winchester Model 1200 pump shotgun. Two weeks later he brought back the gun with the barrel shredded back not unlike the rifle pictured above. He threatened to sue us for selling him a shotgun with a defective barrel. The argument became quite heated between him and my Dad and Uncle. While this was going on I had a chance to inspect the barrel. What I found was impressions of tire tread marks on the split back part as well as some of the intact part of the barrel. He had run over the barrel of the gun with his truck. (We had sold him the tires) When the arguement subsided a little I piped up and said "Then go ahead and sue us if you want" I then took him aside and said "I don't know who you are trying to ****, but your not ****ting me" I then showed him what I found on the trashed barrel of this shotgun and he shut up. Total silence for about a minuet. Part of the arguement He was having with my Dad and Uncle was that he wanted a new shotgun and a $1000.00 not to sue. His family was business owners too and purchased between $10,000.00 to $12,000.00 a month. ( They had a fleet of heavy equipment and trucks) So I walked him back to the gun rack pulled a barrel of another 1200 and gave it to him and then told him "Dont ever come back here ever again with such a half *** lie like that again and you are banned from ever buying a firearm from here forever." He left quietly and his family continued to do business with us. A few weeks later his Dad came in with him and he, the son, had a black eye and a tooth missing. Aparently he had lied to his dad about the situation before he came in the first time and his dad had beat the hell out of him for lieing to him and us. After his father apologized for his sons actions he then made his son apologize in turn. Ahhh. The good old days. This father could never get away with what he did then, in beating the truth out of his son, in todays times.
  8. CA357

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    Oooh, that's gonna' leave a nasty mark. :D
  9. Spanz

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    If you think that a barrel can not explode from just a little obstruction, think again! Ice will do it. Even a little water. And if the barrel does not go, how about a chunk of the action stuck in your face. It is really easy to get some stuff stuck in your barrel after a full day of hunting. Worth checking.

    That is also why you only carry one type of ammo on you when you are hunting. A 20 ga will slide down a 12 ga barrel and jam, and make for a very bad day, for instance.
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  10. robocop10mm

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    That is called a squib load.
  11. Jesse17

    Jesse17 New Member

    Opps! My bad. You are correct Robocop.:eek:
  12. c3shooter

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    You can visit my old time smith, who has a few barrel sections similar to that one mounted to a board, with a tag that reads Killed by Ignorance. An obstructed barrel certainly will bulge or blow (just finished rebarreling a nice 20 g pump due to bulge from prior owner)

    And FWIW, the SAAMI pressure spec on 12 g is 11,000 PSI max.

    .270 Winchester is 65,000 PSI- max. At 65,000 PSI, steel will flow. The REAL problem is not the bullet hitting the obstruction (altho that is not good) it is the AIR between the bullet and obstruction that gets compressed by bullet acting as piston.
  13. rugermike

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    A squib load, also known as a squib round, pop and no kick, or just a squib, is a firearms malfunction in which a fired projectile does not have enough force behind it to exit the barrel, and thus becomes stuck. This type of malfunction can be extremely dangerous, as failing to notice that the projectile has become stuck in the barrel may result in another round being fired directly into the obstructed barrel, resulting in a catastrophic failure of the weapon's structural integrity.:eek::eek:
  14. AsmelEduardo

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    In here those SQUIB LOADS are called "cotufa" (popcorn) because sounds like a popcorn :D
  15. infotech

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    The fact that some people believe gun myths started by Bugs Bunny says a lot about evolution...

  16. freefall

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    Snow in a shotgun barrel can blow it. And what do you mean? I base all my life affecting physics decision according to what I learned from Loony Tunes.
  17. RL357Mag

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    First of all, "stove pipe" is a jam in a semi-auto handgun whereby the spent casing does not fully eject and prevents the slide from chambering a new round, secondly, the barrel will not always "banana peel" like in the cartoons. In fact, I had this happen to me with my HiPoint .40 carbine and NOTHING happened. In fact there were at least TWO rounds stuck in the barrel. I was shooting some reloads in rapid fire and squeezed the trigger twice after the first "squib" load deposited a bullet in the barrel. The next two rounds pushed the first bullet almost out of the barrel but not quite. No barrel bulge, no peeling of the barrel - nothing! Was I lucky? Hell yes! If it had been a high power round thiings would have been different. I sent the gun back to HiPoint and they rebarelled it for free, supplied a new magazine, scope mount, stock, and "buffed" the trigger. The lesson? Don't reload late at night and be sure to check your powder measure with a scale every so often to ascertain that it is throwing the correct powder charge.
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    WILDCATT New Member


    I had a H&R brought in with 6 32 s&w long jacketed bullets piled up in the barrel.nothing to it just drive them out.yes my foot I had to heat it and drill them out.did not hurt the barrel,but the barrel was a bull barrel not the slender ones.I have a Security Industries 357 given me the barrel was split and the frame at the barrel was broken off no harm to the cylinder.some people are lucky.
  19. cpttango30

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    Revolvers are good for not doing anything but sticking the bullets in the barrel.

    I seen a 4" barrel ruger GP-101 that had 7 bullets stuck in the barrel. Why 7 well the first was a squib and then he piled 6 in back of it and the reloaded and fired one more before realizing that there were no holes in the target 10 yards down range. The barrel was fine other than be stuffed full of lead and copper.

    Also Since when does a Savage 110 and a Simmons scope go for $2000? Did I miss something here? Also the guy in the last picture was not from that gun as there was no blood anywhere in the shooting stall or on the rifle. Hoe did he face get all torn up?
  20. Dillinger

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    Math class apparently. :cool: That's $1,750 where I come from, but the whole thing with the write up was probably done by someone who wanted to spoof the Mastercard commercial.

    As for the bloody guy, I don't know, I wasn't paying attention to that, I was paying attention to the four leaf clover of a barrel - but feel free to concentrate on the man bits if that's your thing. :D