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  1. Gangrene Gunman

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    I am at the Age where I am considering a vocation for the "Golden Years" I have spent most of my life in either military or Law Enforcement and as I am not doing that anymore I am thinking of Gunsmithing. AGI is offering an at home course. Does anyone out there have any 1st hand knowledge or experience about anything to do with American Gunsmithing Institute. Any info would be greatly appreciated and Thank You ahead of time for any who reply.
  2. doctherock

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    dont have an answer for you but where you at in Oregon?

  3. CARNUT1100

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    I have thought about some of their courses myself...I await the replies with some interest myself...
  4. stalkingbear

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    The AGI courses are excellent for what they are. IMO you need a hands on in person course to REALLY learn everything that needs learning in that particular area. On campus courses are the best way to learn and will cover a LOT that's not possible with watching videos and will give you a "feel" for it. For example, the videos may show you the mechanics of doing something but actually doing it under supervision will teach you a lot more and will help you gain that delicate touch needed.
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    Welcome to the FTF, from the Oregon Coast!!
  6. Dillinger

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    I would have to agree with stalkingbear on this one.

    Having a video and some papers on how to do, say, a glass bed job is going to tell you some of what to expect, and show you what do to. But until you do it, hands on, and even make a mistake or two, you aren't going to get real familiar with what can go wrong and how quickly it can happen.

    Do you have any machining experience? Tool & Die work? Fabrication experience?

    It's an old story around here, but I basically got my start by being a shop rat at my local gunsmiths. I would come in on days off, or between contracts and spend some time. Watch and ask questions. Occassionally he would give me a basic chore to keep me quiet for a bit. ;) Pretty soon I was learning more and more stuff and was actually working on some very low level projects. There was no money in it for me, the shop got extra production out of me, and I got some great experience. That trend just basically keep advancing and has been a constant source of fun and entertainment for the past 5 years. I am still not even an apprentice to be honest, but I know enough to get by. :)

    One thing to keep in mind, the only difference between a gunsmith and a large pizza is that the pizza can feed a family of four everytime. :D

    Good luck!!

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    AGI courses

    I have most of them, and highly reccommend them
    Each or very well presented, just like you are sitting with him at the bench.
  8. Gangrene Gunman

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    The Dalles, OR. How is the Fishing Down there?
  9. Gangrene Gunman

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    As a fellow Oregonian and a brother believer in the 2nd amendment I wonder if you are aware of what is going on in Medford, Oregon. A man working for the Oregon DOT had a disagreement with his boss. The boss knowing he was a gun enthusiast reported his fear (nature of is fear is yet unknown) to the Oregon State Police who had no reason to do anything as no threats of violence were alleged to have been made. He was not terminated, he was told to work from home until further notice. OSP being the agency to approve gun purchases picked up on an increase in gun purchases by the individual. All of his purchases were approved and as far as I know NO FURTHER investigation was done, not even a trooper to ask him if there was a reason he was buying so many guns all of a sudden. No one came out to find out that he was investing his tax return into firearms, they just assumed because of his argument with his boss that it was for ill reasons.

    OSP alerted the Medford P.D. and they gathered and coordinated a middle of the night raid surrounding his house with every SWAT officer they could summon from agency far and wide. He was ordered by phone to surrender himself, with all of his neighbors looking on, which he did without incident. He was immediately taken into custody, but not arrested. He was thereby transported to a mental health facility and forced to submit to a full psychiatric exam just to regain his freedom or otherwise be held until doctors were satisfied he was no threat to himself or anyone else. ADDITIONALLY, his home and all its attached premises were searched; every firearm he owned or was in his possession on the property was seized. All of his Constitutionally Protected Rights were ignored, as the premises were entered, searched and property seized WITHOUT benefit of a search warrant.

    I have been a Police Officer most of my adult life and this truly makes me fearful that our rights no longer mean anything. This mans boss had a fear, whether real or imagined or for that matter as retaliation and his word was worth more that another mans Constitutional Rights. I have also been following the government enhancements of old Acts. The Posse Comitatus Act when used in conjunction with the Insurrection Act Allowed States and “regular Federal Authorities then assigned to be State law enforcement” to disarm local southern boys returning home from confederate service to be disarmed for civil peace. Today, let’s add the Patriot Act which allows the government (meaning law enforcement) to brush aside the constitution to “gather evidence” on anyone suspected of terrorism; foreign or domestic. Did you know that today Drug peddlers are now classified as “Narco Terrorist”! Use your imagination and I think you can guess how far that concept can be stretched and twisted, what can’t be called terrorism if imagination is the only limit.

    Here is something else to help you sleep. When Homeland Security was formulated and the Patriot Act became law, the United States Coast Guard became a shared agency between the U.S. Navy (direct authority only during declared war) and Homeland Security (authority the rest of the time). After this new control of the Coast guard went unchallenged, the Coast Guard became armed as they had never been armed before; with massive weapons that rivaled blue water Navy ships and Coasties became armed as well as any Marine Corp Company.
    Still not bothered, The U.S. Coast Guard is EXEMPT from ALL limitations of military actions on domestic soil (all previously stated Acts) and now under the direct command of a agency that sees its duty as defeating any movement which they imagine is a threat of terrorist or attack on American Infastructure. So, if Americans believe the government is doing things that are against the best interest or the rights of the people of the United Stated, and the people ban together to march or demonstrate even by peaceable manner, this could be viewed by some as attempts to over through and be dealt with as domestic terrorists. (Look at WTO riots in Seattle WA 1999, and did it stop one job from going overseas?) They now have a military branch that can act against its people on home soil and NOT violate the law or our rights. Is Medford, OR an example of what is to come? I am certain it is a window into what they can do if they want to. Next time you disagree with your boss be careful there may be a padded room with your name on it.
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    I have a few of the AGI coarses and I think they are great.
    Always practice on your own guns first:D.


    Excellent course, The master gunsmithing course covers it all, Cost about 8k, but if thats what you want go for it. AGI - Home