Agent Orange & Ft. Gordon GA

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    Well, today put one into the "Aw CRAP!" column of my life. Have always wondered why I am the only member of my family that has ever had diabetes. Been trying real hard to manage bood sugar, take care of my feet, etc. Today, I may have found out why I am diabetic.

    In the fall of 1967, The DOD was testing herbicide spraying at Ft. Gordon GA. Products were Agent Orange and Agent White, delivered by helicopter spraying. Shortly after that, a young C3shooter was training in that area- including hiking thru it, sleeping in it, and digging holes in it.

    I have been in communication with a gent that is doing research on the exact areas- and there has already been one case from Ft. Gordon that the VA (on appeal) has ruled to be a compensable, service related disability. While service in Vietnam will trigger Agent Orange status for people with certain illnesses, the VA had not extended this to stateside exposures. The VA has now listed the stateside areas where this was used for testing in their website.

    Well, this sucks. I now have to go visit LBJs grave and Robert McNamara's. I have enough money to pay the bail for peeing on their tombstones.
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    Damn, that sucks C3. :(

    Considering the evidence given, I would be willing to chip in for beer and bail money.

    Good luck with the VA brother!


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    That's dead and stinkin' c3. :mad:
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    I was at Ft. Gordon in '69. I have Diabetes,Parkinsons Disease, Chloracne,Prostate Cancer Skin Cancer,and COPD. I know what you are saying. I will stand next you and piss right along with you.:mad:
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    dont forget to pee on eisenhower and jfk's graves too. it was a tag team effort
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    That sucks c3 and jtoika. I'd give them hell for that.
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    I'll bet we could all trace an illness of some sort back to the government, whether we were in the service of our country at the time or not. :eek: