Aged eyes and Iron sights

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    So I've been shooting my M1A for about a year now with a scope due to my ageing eyes. I took the scope off a month ago or so and have been using the iron sights and of course the eyesight problem is a bit worse than a year ago. So I started searching the web for a solution to this problem of aged eyes and possibly found a solution.

    After speaking with a couple of sight manufattures I found nothing is made for the M1A service rifle. I then called Springfield Armory and they directed me to Fulton Armory. I spoke with Chuck there and he said to get one of their hooded apertures and then get in touch with Bob Jones sights.

    They make these little lenses that go into these hooded apertures that can correct vision problems involving the post or target. In my case I need a better post so a positive correction or a (+) lens is needed. (So far I only need reading glasses)

    My reading glasses are an old script so I'll be going to eye doctor to check if I need a new lens script or not and then order this little diopter like lens to go into a hooded aperture for my M1A.

    I'm having positive thoughts here and will be as happy as a pig in you know what if this works

    Anyone here have any experience with this type of system?
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    I don't have any experience with that system, but I do have old eyes. ;) Let us know how it works out.

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    Looks like a great system. Just ask them what you need. If you move you glasses out, they are not the same.
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    Been to eye doc and I still only need reading glasses but with a little higher power. He also says aside from needing reading glasses I still have 20/15 vision. (Wow and I'm 54 Y.O.) We discussed the iron sight problem I have and grey haze I see when looking into the peep sight through the post and target. He suggested getting a smaller aperature peep sight. Actually even better yet, he says get the adjustable aperature that attaches to the shooting glasses and that is what he uses when shooting.

    I'm going to check into getting this adjustable aperature for the shooting glasses first. Seen a couple of these on, but still have to find who makes them.
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    Like some of the others involved in this thread I also have "aging eyesight". I have been using a diopter style front or rear sight for the last 8 years and due to their use am still competitive with iron sighted rifles. Various venues of iron sight competitions now allow their use, and they have kept more than one older shooter in the iron sight competition game long after they would have normally had to quit because they were no longer competitive due to failing eyes.
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    I know a couple shooters that use the Bob Jones sights and they love them.
    Merit makes the adjustable apertures.

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