After market trigger for M&P15-22

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  1. aandabooks

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    Want to put a better trigger in my S&W. We do a .22 rifle shoot at our USPSA matches and I'm really noticing that the stock trigger is ok but not great when trying to shoot fast.

    Can I drop in any AR trigger group? How difficult will it be to change out? Never worked on my ARs but did manage to put an PRP Ultimate Match trigger in my XDM.
  2. John_Deer

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    The stock trigger pull on a M&P 22 is 7 lb. A good gunsmith can fix the trigger that is in the gun for around $80. If you have to have a drop in trigger you can check midway, brownells and numrich quicker than any of us. All we know is you have an S&W rifle. I am guessing you have an M&P.

  3. aandabooks

    aandabooks New Member

    It is the 15-22 I'm interested in. I also have a fullsize M&P15 but I want the trigger for the .22. Just want to make sure any AR trigger will fit.
  4. TexasGunner

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    Yes! When I had my 15/22 I ran a Timney in it. Changes out like a standard AR15.
  5. Hookeye

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    I just do a JP spring kit and a set screw above the grip screw on my AR's (Loctite blue in final position).

    I go a bit further, to take some off the back of the trigger, to adjust more creep out, but this requires a bit off the disconnector face as it only can move within the trigger after adjustment.

    Gets me a minimal creep trigger around 3.5-4#.............for $20.

    But................the JP springs and set screw may get you what you need without any further mods.
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