After market barrel this an issue?

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    Aftermarket barrel this an issue?

    I have a Glock 22 (.40 S&W) and have been reading a lot on this forum, and other forums, concerning the use of aftermarket barrels such as Lone Wolf, Storm Lake, Bar-Sto, Briley, Jarvis, etc. It seems they offer better accuracy and better support at the chamber. Everyone wants better accuracy. If you reload you would want better support to keep the brass from deforming. These barrels offer tighter tolerances than the standard Glock barrels...How does this effect reliability? Can this be a issue? I have been thinking about buying an aftermarket barrel and recoil spring/guide rod assembly, but I do have concerns. Your opinions and any information would be helpful.

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    I attach a picture because this gun is basically ,exactly what you questioned.
    This gun ,just today, ran through about 500 rounds of every immaginable ammo without so much as a hiccup.
    (including plenty of handloads--both FMJ
    and lead--0,as in -NO problems at all ! ) It shoots flat,hard accurate,reliable,
    and kicks like a 9mm.
    It has a KKM barrel W/optional compensator and non-captive metal guide rod and spring (17 lbs.)
    Definitely what shooting is all about for me !
    (Not a .40--but .357 sig is close enough for a good comparison )

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    For the safety of any Glock...the barrel should be replaced.

    Long Wolf are good barrels and affordable.

    Glock barrels are not heat treated and thus will fail. It is not a matter of IF but when. The net is full of Glock KB stories..Glock denies a problem but settles with injurred LEO's and tells civilian claims to go bump.

    Replace the barrel and avoid the issue.