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    Weather resistant, super bright, super dense formula embedded in industrial grade weather resistant medium.
    Glow-On™Super Phosphorescent is a high density formula, extremely luminescent, created to be a long lasting, cost effective, weather resistant durable and efficient water based luminescent medium for multiple applications.

    -It's the most affordable phosphorescent pigment in its class.
    -One vial is enough for 25 pistols or a dozen fishing lures.
    -Long afterglow: It glows for up to 12 hours.
    -Glow-On™ is ten times brighter than similar products.
    -Glow-On™ is easy to apply, it does not need a primer or base due ti its high density.
    -Water based: Glow-On™ is easy to clean before it dries, unlike oil based products which are smelly and messy to deal with.
    -Environmentally safe: Glow-On™ is non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-flammable.
    -Glow-On™ Phosphorescent capabilities will last for at least 10 years. Excitation and emission can be repeated indefinitely.
    -Super concentrated: Our phosphorescent formula is the brightest formula available.

    "This technology offers up to 10 times better brightness than previous zinc sulfide based materials."( Wikipedia )

    Easy to apply, it will resist any weather.

    Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent Paint single vial with instructions and 2 applicators,
    starts at US$ 9.89 plus S&H US$ 3.42

    Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent Paint single vial with instructions and 2 applicators
    plus Self Adhesive material only US15.89 plus S&H US$ 3.42


    For the months of August and September, with every purchase of Glow-On™,( single vial or single vial plus self adhesive) members of this forum and visitors to this page will receive an extra appreciation package with ten squares and two small strips of Glow-On™ Self Adhesive at no extra cost to use on at least ten rear sights, or a couple of remote controls etc.

    follow this link
    Some examples
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    Well it's about time.

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    Quoted for truth...
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    Glad to be here

    Thanx gents, If I can help you with anything just send a PM, I'm in debt with this forum and their members.

    The developers idea is to create something real efficient and affordable, I've been told basically the same quality standard in Luminova (The stuff on expensive watches), the vehicle is different though, plus the addition of refractive materials only known to the developers. You'll notice the color is actually whiter and brighter due to this property, that is all I can reveal:cool:
    live long, live free:)

    This is a piece of Glow-On™ Self Adhesive included in the 02 package or vial + self adhesive.
    This is after 7 second exposure to a small led flashlight.:eek:
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    Glow On

    This chit is the bomb and I highly recommend it use. Well worth the money.

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    Indeed, I will concur, Glow On works very well in low light to dark conditions. :cool:

    Wake up out of a dead sleep and grab your favorite nightstand booger-bear gun or shotty, immediate ocular recognition of your weapon sites, lit up bright for you every time, reminds me of NVG target sighting. Hell, you damn near gotta wear shades! :)

    Highly recommended if you want to really site or locate anything in the dark...or you just can't see as well as you used to, especially in the dark.

    "Jack" approved! ;)