Advice on using the LEO/MIL program

Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by theschnelting21, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. theschnelting21

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    Has anybody used the LEO/MIL program to buy some weapons from SIG I'm military and want to get a pistol but I'm not for sure if you have to buy in bulk or you can get a single weapon from them any body have any experience with this
  2. DrFootball

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    I'm let to believe it's on a case by case basis. Most can buy a single or 2(or more) individual person purchase. When I looked into one, It made more sense for me to get it on the open market, as the cost was too close to be worth the extra paper. I wound up with another 92 anyway, but I'd love a 226, 228, and a 239 if I were buying SIGS!

  3. AznZOhAn

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    Check GT Distributors, they sell Sigs at LE/Military prices. They order direct from Sig and they are certified LE dealers