Advice on SIMPLE but GOOD scope for Remington 700P?

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    Hey guys!

    I need some advice on what my best options are for a good scope. I have a Remington 700 chambered in .308; already have good scope mounting equipment.

    I have plenty of clearance for a scope with a 50mm objective lens, and would prefer a scope with a 30mm tube (currently have 30mm scope rings with spacers for a 1" scope.. I planned ahead :D). I would like something with a minimum of 10x zoom and would prefer a max zoom of around 20x-25x. I prefer a mil-dot reticle but am open to try new things. FFP would be cool but isn't necessary. I also don't really have a need for a light-up reticle, or any sort of other features for that matter.

    I don't hunt.. I'll only be target shooting, in broad daylight, and I won't be toting this thing through hell and back either. I shoot in the 100-400 yard range and would like to extend my range out to 500 or 600 yards.

    Here's the catch.. my budget is about $700. Stretched. And I won't have that for a few more months. I know that a lot of people say that you should save up at least $1000 for a good scope, but it just isn't possible. I really need a recommendation for a good scope that costs $700 max.. however, I'm willing to buy used.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would have to either go with Sightron Big Sky, Burris Diamond, Bushnell Elite 6500, and I know there's others. Take a look on SWFA website to see what's available as New, or in their Used/Demo page. SWFA has good reviews and Customer Service for any scope help. Just be careful if getting a used scope, as a lot of scopes won't let the warranty go to a different person from the original purchaser.

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    Sightron SIII 6-24x50 LRMD is by far the best scope in the under $1k range. The glass,coatings,trackability,repeatability and 100moa of adjustment are right there with scopes costing twice as much.You can get the Mildot scope with either 1/4" moa or 1/10 MRAD turrets.
    I have 4 of the Sightron SIII scopes,and they will serve you well.They also have an excellent Lifetime warranty and customer service.

    Here's a couple links of dealers that I use-

    Another scope to look at is the Weaver Super Slam,the glass is very good (slightly less than Sightron's),but right there with them,and these scopes have some neat features that nobody else has.They have exposed target turrets that lock in place.You pull them out to adjust windage/elevation,and push them in to lock them in place.The top of the caps unscrew by hand to zero the turrets,no tools needed.They have Mildot reticles in their Tactical line,as well as first focal plane reticles,but they are a little pricey.The Super Slams have second focal plane reticles,and are well within your price range from Natchez Shooters Supply.
    I have the 3-15x50 Super Slam on an AR,and they are a very good scope for the money. 4-20X50 Super Slam Riflescope Side Focus Dual-X Reticle Matte 4-20X50 Super Slam Euro Style Riflescope SF Dual-X Reticle Matte
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    Thanks for the advice! goretro, good looking rifle. I've been considering upgrading a bit to the Burris rings when I upgrade the scope. I'll definitely research the Sightron scope.. it looks like it's right down my alley, price-wise and feature-wise. Can't wait to get some great glass on this rifle.

    The scope I have no won't always hold a zero just right. Also, it's fixed at 10X which isn't quite enough for me.
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    I use Sightron SII Big Sky scopes. Better then Leupold VX3 imho.
    This is my .308HB, 3-12-42mmAO

    CZ527 Varminter, .223. 6.5-20x42mmAO
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    X2 on vortex, I was a die hard leupold guy but an I do say but the vortex viper is better than a vx3, the crossfire is the tasco of vortex lots of warranty repairs on them step up to the diamondback or viper series tho