Advice on installing daniel defense low profile gas block

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Speezly, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Speezly

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    I am thinking about getting a low profile gas block so I can run an extended quad on my stag 15 carbine. I was told this is something that should be done by an experienced gunsmith, but prefer to work on my own firearms. What would I need for the install?
  2. ZeusEcho

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    Is it a clamp or set screw version? For set screws you should drill a small divot in the barrel so that may be something you want a gunsmith to do. Clamp version is easy, just make sure the gas port holes are lined up and torque the screws. Use a large paper clip and bend the end so you can slide it in the hole of the gas block and down into the gas port of the barrel to make sure they aligned.

    I installed one on a BCM upper but I had to send the barrel to Adco to remove the FSB because I couldn't budge the taper pins. So depending on your situation and what tools you have you may need some help from gunsmith. Good luck!

  3. AlphaKoncepts

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    I plug the muzzle end and blow into the barrel end as I rotate the gas block side to side listening to changes in the sound. You can easily tell them it's properly aligned. I think you rmethod will leave for less oily lips however :)