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    so, i don't live in a great neighborhood, and my mom's guns are at my dad's house. i've been telling her that we should have it at our house, because she is at home alone when me and my brothers aren't at home.

    she doesn't wan't the gun here if it isn't in a safe. i've tried to convince her that she should keep it out of a safe so she can get to it quickly in case of emergency.

    with summer coming up the door will be opened along with all the windows. when the police chase people, they often run past her house, or hide on her patio.

    any advice on how to convince her to have her handgun, and a shotgun in the house?
  2. Chester

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    Take her out for some shooting, Get her comfortable handling a gun.

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    Yeah, it's sounding like she's uncomfortable with the gun (handgun?). Get her used to handling, firing, disassembling and cleaning it. Take the mystery and fear away. Then, maybe she'll be amenable to keeping another useful tool around the house.

    Refusing to keep a firearm in the house won't influence the bad guys.
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    Start out slow, with a .22 if you have one. Make it fun, and make sure she can hit the targets. The more hits, the more confidence. Then work up to larger calibers, and avoid starting her on full-blown magnum loads or shotguns. For a new shooter, those can be intimidating and no fun. She will get there on her own if it is fun for her.

    You also might want to consider a U-Haul truck.

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    :( My mom has been shooting before, when her and my dad were married, it's probably been about ten years though. The handgun is legally hers, she picked it out herself. Its a revolver, so its simple to operate, and clean, heck i'll clean it for her if that's the problem.

    I have also tried to convince her to move out of state, (can't afford the rediculous prices in So Kal) but she's afraid of tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and doesn't like the humidity. :(
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    As far as safes go, you could purchase one of those single pistol safes with the finger slides on them for quick, sightless opening. It's safe unless you know the combo and fast when you need the gun.
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    Buy her a tape recorder and record the sound of a 12ga. pump being racked!
    If Clinton or Obama get elected that might be all you will be able to own.
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    I think that showing her the news articles was a good idea. I think she doesn't like the hardware(the gun), because she lacks the software(mindset) that she may be in danger. I would start by finding some common ground about how bad the neighbor hood is and how it might become a problem. Once she has the mindset that she needs to take steps to be safer, she might be more receptive towards keeping a gun in the house.
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    First, deal with securing the perimeter of the home. Having a belt fed M-60 will not do you a lot of good if you don't have time to get to it- or someone else get's to it first! In an urban area, lock the freaking doors, man! Windows open for ventilation- fine- but use a block or pin to keep them from being opened more (from the outside) Want to try climbing in MY windows? Sure hope you like roses- varieties selected for size of the thorns. There is a whole field of study called CPTED- Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. A low hedge on the property line does not physically STOP an intruder, but it DOES send a message that this is not public, it is semi-private, and you don't belong here. Still permits natural view of area. Alarms are cheap- alarm signs/stickers are cheaper. Double cylinder deadbolt locks on doors? Great- IF the latch plate was not installed with 3/4 inch screws. Use 3 or 4 inch screws- they go all the way to the 2x4 framing, not just the flimsy door jamb. DO NOT keep a gun under the matress- one of the FIRST places a bad guy will check- and they are lumpy. Mine are concealed, but reachable in about 1.5 seconds. And DO take the lady shooting- a .22, good hearing protection, and make it a fun event. PS- my stepmom is in her 80s- and shoots a S&W Mdl 37- quite well, thank you!
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