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    Hello everybody,

    I am just joining the awesome world of firearms so I was hoping you can help me with my second purchase. I only have a Mosin Nagant so far and after a lot of research about reliability, accuracy, and cost, I think that getting an AK-74 would be the best bet for me. I have also done so digging and found out that Bulgarian AKs are one of the best and don't cost an arm and a leg like Russian ones.

    I was hoping you guys could help me find the best deal on an AK-74. I live in Texas and while I would love to get my hands on one before I buy it, I don't think I will have much time so wanted to order it through a dealer and just pick it up. So far I found two deals that I believe are good but would like some advice.

    This looks like the perfect deal to me; good quality Bulgarian sub 500 dollars with black synth stock and grips and 4 mags! That's awesome. The only problem is that I am afraid of buying century arms since I heard they are notorious about putting things together poorly and having bad service. I would like my gun to be built right, without grinding and accurate with a barrel that won't corrode after a few years. Any experience with Century arms?: Bulgarian AK-74 Rifle - 5.45x39 - With 1 Mag #AKAGUN74

    The other deal is this one which also seems really good although still a LOT more expensive (400 vs. 559 and less mags although other parts). I also don't like the wooden stocks as much though they are more classic.
    AK 74 Rifle for sale

    I really don't want to spend more than 600 bucks. I am on a tight budget and want the best quality and a great accuracy gun. I heard Ak 74s are pretty accurate and the ammo is cheap and the gun looks amazing and should be reliable. Please let me know if there are some better deals or what you think of these ones.
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    I dont know. Someone will come along shortly.
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    I just realized that that second deal doesn't exist. In which case I now really need advice. It seems that the Century Arms model will be a hit or miss and I am worried that my barrel will be absolute crap and fall apart really fast. I don't mind the grips being bad since they can be easily replaced but I can't even figure out where the receiver comes from.

    How much would it cost to convert a saiga into an AK74 clone?
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    Century Arms Bulgarian AK-74

    I picked my Bulgarian AK-74 up from Centerfire Solutions and paid just over $400, including the transfer fee charged by my local FFL.

    I put just over 1000 rounds through it in the first month, three trips out with it, and had precisely zero issues. No failures to feed, fire, or eject. After all, it's an AK. It consumed the Wolf ammo exactly the same as it did the Russian Surplus.

    It is scoped (old eyes) with a quick release side mount and holds to about 4 inches at 100 yards. Again, let's face it, it's an AK. If I want to put rounds within an inch, I'll shoot something else, probably one of my bolt guns.

    Here's some free scope advice, steer clear of anything designed to attach to the dust cover. I'm told reliably they wont hold a zero.

    I'm switching range memberships next month and the new range (Golden Gun Club, just east of Denver) has firing lines out to 500 yards so I'm going to try it out to 300 as soon as possible and determine how much it opens up at longer ranges.

    I've not been able to find a truly bad review on this model (NDS-2, built on the Century Arms receiver) so I'm not entirely sure where the bad reputation comes from. Possibly from makers of more expensive firearms, but that's just the immutable cynic in me talking.

    In my opinion, anything of sufficient complexity, built by any manufacturer is going to be hit or miss.
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    Century Arms can have some "imperfections", but nothing can really go THAT wrong with reassembling and AK.

    The NDS-2, means it was assembled on a nodak spud receiver and put together with a Bulgarian "Kit". So the gun is kind of "cut and paste"

    Many of the Romanians, while not as pretty, or crafty at all for that matter, are actually 100% the same gun. They started out as a "sporting rifle" and were converted to accept hi-cap amgs, etc.

    So I don't see too much of a difference in the '74s, unless you were willing to spend some loot on a Yugo, then the Bulgarian or other '74 variant will suit you fine.

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    I find the older Romanian Wasr2 or Sar2 to be very accurate. They still have compliance parts, such as a Tapco G2 trigger, Piston, pistol grip, stock...
    They are neutered. No flash hider, no bayonet lug, but very accurate. Mine keeps up w/ AR's in the accuracy dept, sold my AR I like the AK so much. I really like the iron sights on mine. It is very accurate w/ a red dot that mounts to the side rail. Fun and reliable!