Advice on an 11-87? Please?

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    I know what the problem is, I know what needs to be done to fix it, but for the life of me I don't know how to acomplish it

    I have a 22 y/o Remington 11-87. It worked perfectly, until my Dad shipped it to me at my new duty station. The action is locked forward. Attached is the exploded parts schematic from Remington, so I will give a brief description of a part and its number, to help clarify the issue.

    Model 11-87 ZoomView Parts Schematic

    After pulling off the Buttstock (80) and the trigger assembely (84), I found the problem. There are two 6" rods (56) which are supposed to connect the bolt carrier (13) to the recoil spring (3) via the "guide tube"? (7). However, due to some rough handling during shipping, the ends of these rods (56) have found their way into a 3/4 inch dimple in the back of the reciever (68), where the rear end of the bolt carrier (13) is supposed to go after firing.
    I know I need to pull the ends of the rods (56) back down into the tube (7), but there is a lip between the two cavities that I cannot get them past. There seems to be a ramp leading the other direction that the ends took to get where they are, but it is a flat wall going the other direction.

    I am not afraid to pull the gun apart to its individual components, and I can see how I would fully dissasemble it from where I am if everything was where it was supposed to be, but I can't get it any farther. I have tried everything I can think of, but I'm stumped. I don't want to take it to a gunsmith (pride, and I can't really afford it on a PFC's pay), but I will take advice from anyone with an idea what to try or where to go from here.
    Thank you

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    I love my shotguns but im afraid I cant help you here. Im sure someone will be along shortly to give you some help. Plenty of smiths on this site ;)

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    You don't need a gunsmith. You need a manual. You have to take it apart to do it. Go here and download an owner's manual.
    After you pull the barrel, gas piston, piston seal and 'O'ring, action sleeve, and the bolt out the front of the receiver, you can then put the legs of the link back into the small cup on the front of the action spring follower.
    Be careful because the edges of the rails inside the receiver are very sharp (they're supposed to be). Be real gentle and roll the 'O' ring off the magazine tube and over the threads. I haven't busted an 'O' ring in 46 years, but you will hear people talk about them being a problem. Wanna bet what the real problem is? You need to know how to take it apart to do a quick spray and wipe on the gas components after you shoot it anyway. Way easierr than an M-16 or a Beretta 9 mil.
    Good luck. If you need anything else just say so.
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    Wow. Thank you, Virginian.
    My dad bought that gun for me 8 hours after was born. I have been firing it since I was 5, taking care of it since I was 10, and with a 10-year-olds innocence, I thought Dad knew everything, and believed him that taking it apart past the barrel and the piston rings should only be done by a gunsmith. I have never seen an owners manual for it before today. I cant believe it is so simple. (I can, however, believe how much carbon and gunk is on the other side of the bolt.) Now I can finaly fully clean my weopan. Thank you so much.