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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by fortinsj, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. fortinsj

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    I'm looking for buy a small revolver for concealed carry. I've settled on a Ruger LCR in 38 special. I've been thinking about trading a pistol for it. I have a colt 1911 commander 45 acp, and a s&w victory model in 38 spec that I'm willing to part with. I love both of the two guns. I normally carry the 1911 but I never shoot the it any more because of 45 ammo prices. I love the look and feel of the s&w but I wouldn't use it as a carry. I'm just looking for any advice on which to consider giving up. Would one hold more value over time? I bought the colt brand new and the s&w is about 70 years old. Any advice is helpful. Let's hear your input

    HOSSFLY New Member

    All i'll say is I have a S&W victory that isn't going anywhere--
    I'd never trade any of my 1911's for any Ruger revolver---
    Save sum money or put one on layaway---
    Just my 2 bits ;)

  3. JimRau

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    The Colt is worth a lot more than what you are talking about trading for. If it were me I would not trade, as the dealer will get you on both ends!!!:eek:
    If you MUST get rid of one to get the smaller revolver just sell it outright and buy the revolver, you will make out FAR better that way.:)
    Send me a PM please.
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  4. fortinsj

    fortinsj New Member

    I guess I should clarify, the plan was to sell one and use the money towards the ruger. Using the word "trade" was poor word choice on my end
  5. JW357

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    I say getting rid of either is a terrible idea.

    You never know when you'll want that gun back.

    Save some money. Put the Ruger on layaway. There are ways to cut corners while saving money. Eat fast food once less per week. Smoke one less pack of cigarettes per month. Take up odd-jobs around the neighborhood ("Do you need your lawn mowed, Mrs. Smith?"). Start a lemon-aid stand.

    I know those prolly aren't the best ideas. But you get my drift.

    Just don't get rid of guns. I suspect you'll regret it down the road.
  6. sbeezy

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    I agree with not getting rid of one. I've gotten rid of guitars I thought I didn't/wouldn't want and I've regretted it and wished I had just been patient and saved up.

    Chances are what you think you don't want now, you'll wish you had back later.

    Of course you choose in the end, but I've read plenty of people on here say they got rid of a gun they wish they hadn't. I'm pretty sure everyone has done something like that, and it's an annoying feeling when you realize what you did.
  7. gr8oldguy

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    Keep what you have, 38spl ammo isn't that much cheaper than .45. Your S&W is a classic. good luck
  8. string1946

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    My vault is like a gun black hole. Once a gun gets sucked in there there no way it can ever get out other than a trip to the range. Like most of the others I would try to keep both and buy the Ruger. If you have been watching the prices of used guns you know their value just keep going up much faster than most investments. That being said if I HAD to let one of them go it would be the S&W. Looks like they are going for between $300 and $500 or maybe a little more depending on condition. Also the Victory model are C&R eligible so thats a positive. Thats just my opinion. Good luck which ever way you decide to go.
  9. fortinsj

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    Thanks for the input guys. After reading all this I think I will have onto both and just save some money.
  10. Overkill0084

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    You wish to trade off one of your classics for what is essentially an appliance?
    I guarantee you will regret trading either one.
    Do something else.

    +1. Especially a plastic Ruger.
    It's like trading an Italian Espresso maker for a $12 Wal-Mart coffee pot.
    This transaction has regret written all over it.
  11. Steel_Talon

    Steel_Talon New Member

    Hey 86! :)

    If it were me I'd keep them both. They each have their own values which surpasses the Ruger you're considering. ( I have separation anxiety issues:)). I'd look for a different way to finance the Ruger, or maybe even look to something else for a cheaper price in a .357 (what ever that $$ might be.)
  12. John_Deer

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    I have a Kel Tec P-3AT. When I first got the Kel Tec .380 It was my pocket carry. Now I am used to carrying a gun in my pocket I carry a bigger gun. I guess the mini pocket pistol is a phase we all go through.
  13. johnjohn

    johnjohn New Member

    Hang on to both of 'em.
  14. Cheeseman

    Cheeseman New Member

    Amen to keeping both