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    Ok, I'm a newbee so forgive me if you think I am mad by asking a stupid question.
    Looking in a local gun magazine, I saw advertised a full sleve fully silenced--supressed 308 or 30-06 centrefire hunting rifle. Now I was under the assumption that these were illegan in New Zealand but was told that if the shop is selling them then they can't be being a big well respected shop that it was.
    No I can understand the advantages of silencing your Centrefire. No or very little noise.
    So my questions
    What I want to know is the full advantages and disadvantages on performance
    I own a 6.5x55 ex-swedish mil boltaction. Is it possable to fit a silencer-supressor to the barrel or cutting the barrel down and making up legal length with the silencer, Or is it simply a waist of time due to velositys. I know to silence a weapon the slug must be sub sonic. But I have heard of people making 5.56mm semi/full auto assult rifles subsonic. EG the M-16. Aren't these types high vilosity(supersonic)

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing back
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    It can be done if you throw enough money at it. My opinion is that the sonic crack when the bullet goes sonic will still make it loud, maybe not as much but I do not think is worth while on a hunting canterfire. Makes a big difference for rimfire rifles.

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    how to

    Look at the Reflex suppressors. Shorter than most as they partially surround the barrel.
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    ok, so here is another set of questions
    1/ what is the vilosity the bullet must travel to break the sound barrier, and dose it differ for the caliber of the bullet??
    2/ what caliber is best suited for--subsonic firing,
    3/ what rifle would be best suited for silenced hunting and with the bullet being sub-sonic would it be effective for hunting, as in delivering a killing shot.
    4/ over what ranges would a silenced rifle be effective, concidering that on average in New Zealand conditions for hunting would be about 25(in scrub) to 100+ meters. I have heard hunters discribe coming upon a small group of deer, shooting one and having the others scatter. In this regard would a silenced rifle be silent enough??
    As far as I am concerned one animal is enough, butI know what it's like to have someone put up a shot and have deer simply vanish for the rest of the hunting trip
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    Sub-soncs VS Super-sonic :

    The speed of sound is approximately 1100 SPF @ 60 degree F at Sea Level.

    Caliber doesnt matter.

    There are no such thing as silencers...the more accurate term is Supressor !

    They all make some noise...measured in DB supression over an unsupressed report from firing.

    Legal for Hunting in some states where machaineguns are not legal for hunting.

    We use them in Colorado while shooting prairie dogs...223 with no hearing protection is a LOT of fun ! 17mach2 and 17HMR supress quite well .

    308 supresses pretty well...anything bigger is possible and more expensive.

    Sub-sonic ammo is OK in 22 rimfire....not good in centerfire as reduces effective range substantially.

    100 yards probably not a problem IF sighted in and tested in advance.

    Sub-sonic = less energy and bullet performance.

    22lr Aguila 60gr Sub-sonic will penetrate completely thru a deers head so be aware of background behind game.