Advantage Arms Conversion Kit Experiences

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by westernamerican, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Anyone had any experiences with Advantage Arms Conversion Kits for their GLOCKs? If so, which Kit did you use the LEO Version or Target Version? What ammo do you use? Have you tried shooting birdshot through it? [​IMG]

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  2. Dgunsmith

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    Good Kits :

    We have sold a number of their kits and they are a first class operation.

    Fully functional with good quality high speed ammo.....nothing semi-auto will work with bird shot loads reliably.

    If you want to do that fast, buy a Rossi pump 22...they work fine with bird shot loads.

    LEO kit is fixed sights....better go target to adjust sights for 22 plinking accuracy.

  3. n2cycles

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    I have had one of these kit for my 19 for several years. It has shot reliably for hundreds of shots. The only problem I have had was with the mag. It held open the slide on the next-to-last round every time. The plunger that hits the slide lock was too long. I trimmed it off and it has worked perfectly since. It now holds slide open after last round fired. My slide looks just like the original slide and it has adjustable sights. It is lighter than the 9mm especially loaded but still a blast to shoot and feeds everthing I put through it.