Advantage Arms .22/1911

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    Tried a few new ammo brands through it a few days ago. I'm planning a killin' spree(rabbits) in New Mexico and will take it along.

    5rd strings at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25yds with the Advantage Arms conversion.

    Remington Yellow Jacket, it has been one of the more reliable brands:

    The one way off to the right? Jerked the s___ out of the trigger at 15yds.

    Shot the Blazer a little better but had three rounds that failed to fire on the first strike:
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    The rabbit will be hiding ....haha

    I have used the Rem Yellow Jackets Hyper Velocity and the CCI Mini-Mags in a P22 and they worked well since it is finneky on what it will shoot without jamming the empty cases trying to eject them.