Advantage Arms 1911 .22LR Conversion Kit $289.99

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    Advantage Arms 1911 .22LR Conversion Kit


    Advantage Arms 1911 .22LR Target Conversion Kit
    The Advantage Arms 1911 Target Conversion Kit is Advantage Arms most accurate .22LR conversion kit. The barrel is fixed solid to the frame with the sights mounted to the barrel. Accuracy is not affected by the movement of the slide. The Advantage Arms 1911 Standard Model more closely resembles your 1911 where the sights are mounted to, and move with, the slide.


    ADJUSTABLE SIGHTS - Both the Standard and Target models use Champion adjustable sights.

    LAST ROUND LOCK OPEN - The slide will lock open after the last round in the magazine has been fired. Advantage Arms unique magazine design and patented heat-treated steel lock open insert allows us to offer this special and desirable feature which you can only find on 'Advantage Arms' .22LR conversion kits.

    FINISH - All Aluminum parts are Anodized Per Mil-A-8625 with a matte black finish. All steel parts are heat treated with a Black Oxide Finish. The barrel is made from heat treated 4140 steel.

    THE 30 SECOND INSTALLATION - Installation is simple and does not require any modifications to your 1911 pistol. Simply remove the 1911 magazine and slide as outlined in your 1911 owner's manual. Now slide the "Advantage Arms" slide onto the frame, insert the slide stop pin and tighten guide rod. Insert the conversion magazine. You are now ready to shoot. This procedure can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds with some practice.

    One (1) YEAR FACTORY DIRECT WARRANTY - Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. (Excluding S&H Charges)

    COMPATIBILITY OF THE ADVANTAGE ARMS 1911 CONVERSION KITS The Advantage Arms 1911 .22LR Conversion kit are designed to fit any full size 1911-A1 frame made to U.S. government mil-specs. Advantage Arms highly recommend Remington "Golden Bullets" for everyday plinking and CCI MiniMags or Federal Automatch for better accuracy.