adjusting my front sight?/

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by ktmboyz, Jun 23, 2009.

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    So I finally got a set of flip sights and a carry handle for my M&P and need to get them sighted in. What do you guys use to adjust the front sight.. Should I just buy the tool? Use a pic ?
    A friend of mine said they used to use a spent casing that would fit over the sight post on their service rifles but doesn't look like it will fit in the space on my flip sight . Anyone have any good tricks?? I got a tool yesterday but doesn't seem to work, the only one they had in stock was a cheapy and now I see why.
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    You can take the tip of a round and push down on the detent, on the front sight and twist the sight post, in the direction, that you need to go.

    I personaly like the front sight tool. You just need to make sure it's the right one. Some tools are just for A1 sights and some are for A2 sights, I have one that has both on it.

    The A1 front sight post is round, while the A2 front sight post is square.
    I hope this helps ya. :D