Adding a new gas block with set screws...

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by DropZone889, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I am adding a new gas block and I was wondering if the ones that use set screws or clamping, which are a better way to go? Also, my barrel is smooth where the set screws would line up, does this mean that I cannot use this style cause my barrel does not have pre drilled dimples? Can you only use a gas block with set screws only if you have those dimples??

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    I prefer set screws myself. This is for two reasons, 1 if the barrel is dimpled the set screw will keep the gas block in alignment, and 2 the base of the gas block usually has a much lower profile when using the set screw method.

    You CAN use the set screw gas block on a barrel without dimples. Make sure you torque the screws really well and use high temp lock tight. It's not that hard to dimple the barrel if you have access to a drill press or preferably a milling machine.

    If you are worried about mis alignment with any of the gas blocks there is a pretty simple trick of drilling through the gas block and barrel and hammering in a pin. The gas block should then never lose alignment or move in any way without first removing the pin.

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    Drop Zone,

    There is no problem with using the set screw versions of the gas block. The Set Screws when torqued will normally put a slight dimples in the Barrel by tightening them. But remember not to over torque due to the fact that the Gas Block is Aluminum and you can strip them out. So tighten them securely as CGS advised and use Blue Loctite thread locker. Send us some pics of your rifle and we may be able to give you a few more hints for installing the Gas Block as far as assuring the gas port is not misaligned.

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    one note blue and red loctite will disolve at temps easily reached by a AR15 gasblock set screw.

    you need to use rocksett.

    or smaller application size

    i use rocksett instead of blue or red on almost everything. its shear strength is low enough that hand tools easily loosen it but it has a melting temperature somewhere north of most barrel steel... this means it will not disolve under any heat abuse any firearm i know of can generate and still function but it will keep any fastener from backing out.