adding a Finger guard to Kukri? = yes or no ?

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  1. Scare_Rab

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    I bought a Cold Steel Kukri

    Anyhoo - ... in case the other blade coming in rides up over my poor fingers = waddya reckon about adding a finger guard to it?


    I do have a Pic - but don't know how to "upload it"

    Field Blade Review - Cold Steel Kukri Machete

  2. Hawg

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    First question. How are you going to get the handle off to put it on?
    Second question. Once you get the handle off how are you going to get it back on?

  3. pandamonium

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    Ok,you have a coupe of options as I see it. It would be possible to drill two holes about a half inch above the handle(blade side),cut, shape and drill the guard to match,(clamping and drilling together would be best), and then pin and peen, or bolt if you have to. Or you could get it welded. I am describing a guard that would be on one side of the blade only.

    Or you can get a knife that is designed for the purpose you've intimated. These are made by Cold Steel, and are around a hundred bucks.

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    Am I understanding that you are actually INTENDING on finding yourself in a knife fight situation? You are of course aware that (at least here in the US) when two guys with knives actually fight each other, historically both of them get stabbed and sliced? [Similar stats from WW2 at places like Guadacanal, Tarawa, etc.]