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  1. Crazycastor

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    Think I have a new addiction. Its called guns lol. In the last 6 months I have bought two Glocks pistols, a 30-06 and now I just went and bought an ar15 lower. Plus I'm enjoying my reloading gear that I got this year. Plus the wife gave me my own reloading gun room in the house so life is good. The kids and wife are enjoying it too and they are getting into reloading too. They keep asking me when I'm going shooting so they can load up some more bullets. Just wait till they see the ar15 lower and the idea of building the upper. Course they all are going to want one of those. Time to bruise the shoulder with the .06, Later guys. My addiction is calling me!
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    You should seek HELP! Immediately!
    Of course when birds of a feather flock together. And when addicts associate together there is No Hope! :p
    So do not expect any addiction intervention or assistance to quash your addiction from any of us here on the FTF who are addicts as well!
    To the point! YOU ARE IN TROUBLE HERE on the FTF!:D Our disclaimer: We are not responsible for any additional involved addiction that you might acquire by associating with us!

    But in all seriousness I think your addiction is fantastic and it is great that you are getting the family involved is something that can give them pleasure and memories for a lifetime. It can certainly become a family activity. Remember they are our protection for the Second Amendment in the future. By loving the shooting sport no matter what area, they will in the future vote to protect it and certainly enjoy it.
    Regarding building an upper we can help you on that but you will need some special tools to complete it. Like and upper Receiver Block & Barrel Nut Wrench. The Barrel Nut should be torqued to a minimum of 35 Ft. Lbs for example so a torque wrench is recommended. Most generally Head Space is not a problem when assembling from good quality parts. But there are a lot of us here that will be more than happy to provide any information you might need in the future.
    Happy Building and enjoy the Reloading. Just practice good safety habits and distractions while loading.


  3. HockaLouis

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    That's pretty cool.

    Lotta educational opportunities for the kid in the safe shooting sports. Responsibilty. Ballistic math in reloading is a biggie...

    Your wife is a keeper too!
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    Have the same problem to. Just this year I have bought 3 handguns and 1 rifle.
  5. aandabooks

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    I'm beyond addicted. Since December I have bought atleast 8 guns and have taken up reloading. This has taken up quite a bit of time and money. I don't regret it as it further aides my shooting and has opened me up to calibers that I might have considered too expensive.
  6. apwvsd40ve

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    I will agree. I have purchased a couple new items this year...but the biggest had been ammo..stocking up on new and old calibers!...completely addicted also..considering reloading after I get my wife hey own firearm.
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    You're screwed now Crazycastor!!
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    The problem will only increase with time.
  9. racer_x

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    Well collections grow. If you collect its gana grow lol
    still makes me feel like a kid in a candy store