Added a second member of the SR556 family to my collection

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    Its a SR556CLA.

    probably the most desirable of the family.
    It combines the sleek lightweight rail system of the SR556E ("Essentials" aka their entry model) with the shorter barrel and pinned flashider of the C model.

    The Cold Hammer forged Barrel is fluted to save even more weight.

    The CLA weights 7 lbs empty according to reviews, however dont have a scale to check it.
    It does fell a bit heavier than my DDM4V5 even though that one is also wearing an EOtech

    I put on some LMT sights I had lying around (though Rugers Troys are excellent but I am using them on the LMT which has an AIMPOINT since I dont like co-witnessing).

    The barrell is approx 14.7 inch long and the (shortish) permananetly fixed Ruger flashider brings it to 16.1 inch overall lenght.

    As a result the gun has an ever so slight flair of "SBR" look about it which I decided I enjoy.

    When I was at the range last weekend I shot in a different gun, my LMT, so the SR556CLA will have to wait its turn.

    The barrel with its 1 in 9 twist appears perfectly capable of stabilizing even heavy match ammo as these excellent results from a quality source attest to.

    I am not a fan of the cheapish stocks that seem to come with the SR556 series.
    It really seems out of place in this class, so this rifle wears a Magpul CTR and a upgraded trigger guard courtesy of the seller.

    The seller also included for a free a MagPul Bad Lever and I left it on but I will have to see if I like it on the ra nge.

    The bad: I probably overpaid, for one it was advertised as LNIB and closer examination reveals a round count that I suspect to be much greater than the advertised 300.

    But I coudlnt find another used CLA in my state so I paid about 100-200 over what a little more patience would have gotten me with a different seller.


    Fit and finish are fantastic. Gives up Nothing to my stalwart Daniel Defense and my LMT.
    Play between upper and lower is less than on my RRA and my DDM4V5 and about the same as on my LMT, which is very close to nil and barely detectable.

    The all chromed BCG and bolt are gorgeous and and seem to project quality more appropriate to a German made boutique AR.

    Not even a hint of carrier tilt, zero, zilch, nada carrier tilt, even though I suspect the roundcount is much higher than the advertised 300 rds

    Can wait to shoot it!

    And now for the gun porn!

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    Thanks Jake!!:)

    I don't know why these guns seem to generate so much hostility on this site by some members but I feel they are among the best one can buy especially if the price is figured in.
    The chromed gas system thats 3 way adjustable by itself is almost worht the price of entry.
    For example my (much more expensive) LMT CQB MRP Piston 16 has only 1 gas setting, where as the Ruger has 3.
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    Very nice. Let us know how it compares after shooting!