Adams & Bennett Barrels ????

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by shortbolt, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. shortbolt

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    1st..I know they are about the least $$ you can come across.
    That being said I would really like ALL feedback about these barrels....I have a project in mind for a huntin rig and just want to get all info on different manufactures I can..
  2. kenhesr

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    I don't know the cal or profile of your project. I noticed you did say huntin rig, so this probably won't help you much.

    My total experience with A&B bbls has been with their .920 18" .22lr bbls for the Ruger 10/22. I have used them for years on 4 builds and like them to the point of recommending them.

    For centerfire the only custom bolt gun builds I've had use E.R. Shaw bbls. I also have quite a few Shaw bbls in AR builds and they are accurate, long lived, quality bbls.

    I'm sure others will tell ya about their favorite bbls, this is just what works for me.

    Good luck with the build, Ken

  3. huffmanite

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    About 5 years ago, had my teenage years mauser deer rifle rebarreled to 257Roberts with an A&B barrel. For a low priced barrel it was surprisingly accurate. Since then, I've had at least 5 A&B chromemolycenterfire barrels installed and none have disappointed me as far as their accuracy. They could have a better exterior finish, but a little work by me takes care of the finish. Two A&B barrels ago, I used an elderly retired machinist, who has worked on guns as a sideline for over 45 years, to install a barrel. An experienced licensed gunsmith nearby often consults with him when he has a problem. Anyway, he had a very bad opinion of A&B barrels due to something he'd experienced with them years ago. After the second barrel install for me, guy told me he'd changed his opinion on A&B to the positive....that for being low priced it was a darn good barrel.

    I don't hunt, just shoot paper about once a week at a range I'm a member. If I was willing to invest in an expensive custom benchrest rifle build, then I'd probably go with a better regarded higher priced brand....but for my shooting needs the low priced A&B barrels had done quite well for me.