Adam Arms XLP Adjustable Gas Block

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    I have an Adam Arms P2 AR15 with the 16" barrel with an M-LOK handguard rail. The gas block is under the M-Lok handguard and is not adjustable, but the new P series/XLP adjustable gas block IS adjustable and made for the Adam Arms piston P series. How the heck are you supposed to adjust the thing when it is under the handrail? Also, I would like to clean that piston assembly area from time to time, but will have to remove the handrail to do so. I don't understand why it would be designed that way and make it so difficult to clean and have no idea how I will adjust it if I want to use a supressor. Anyone have this XLP gas block and can help me out? THANKS!

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    Handguards go off and on super easy.
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    It depends on the design of the gas block. I have some that adjust from the side, and others that adjust from the front.
    With a hand guard like yours, you may be able to adjust it without removing the hand guard.

    I always adjust mine without the hand guard on the firearm. Once you set them to where the firearm cycles consistently, you will never need to adjust it again in most cases. Plus, once the firearm has been used for a while, the gas block screws will get carbon locked and most adjustable gas block screws are useless to attempt to turn after that.
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