ACTS - 20 February 2010

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    When: February 20th!
    Time: 8:30am sign in - 9:00am first shots
    Where: Pima Pistol Club

    Last month proved that we're the most challenging tactical local match around!

    Expect to be dirty and tired at the end of this one, but also hungry. Last month we had people who were dirty, and tired, bloody...but also hungry. So to be fair in advertising, expect dirty, tired and hungry. Bloody is avoidable this month, but it's always a good idea to wear long sleeves and pants!

    Once again, we will be enforcing the new rules starting with this match, so remember:

    How your guns are configured at the start of the match is how they should end at the end of the match.
    You must have a factory sling that stays on the rifle throughout the entire match.
    Magazines that still contain ammunition must be retained to avoid penalties.