Actor Accidentally Shot

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    I'm sure the gun will be blamed for this, but this story is a prime example of how ignorance of firearms can be dangerous. A borrowed handgun was to be used as a prop in a play rehearsal, but apparently no one bothered to check to see if it was loaded.

    Basic Safety Rule: All firearms must be treated as if they are loaded.

    Basic Safety Rule: Never point a gun at something / someone you are not prepared to destroy. - Actor Accidentally Shot During Florida Play Rehearsal - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
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    Actors are not the sharpest tools in the shed - See John Eric Hexum, he "accidently" shot himself with a prop/stage gun while mocking a suicide for missing a line for the umpteenth time.

    Brandon Lee was shot by another cast member with a weapon that was "checked" by the on site firearm's expert and was "issued" to the actor that pulled the trigger, not realizing that a previous live round for a close up scene had become lodged in the barrel, so when the squib went off, it pushed the .44 magnum slug into Brandon's abdomen....

    Movies and Theater productions have a higher accident rate ( per person ) with firearms than any gun club in the country....