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    What it takes to get our message across is for ALL gun owners and pro-2A people to become politically active. If you are a member of any group, forum, club, or lodge that is remotely affiliated with firearms then it is your job to make sure that they preach activism as the primary step in defeating these anti-constitutionalists.

    Remember that buying guns and ammunition is not showing your 2A support; it is just making gun and ammo companies richer, it doesn’t do a darn thing to protect your God given rights. Learning about history, shooting, and all that is great and needs to be done but, again, it doesn’t do a thing to get the truth across to the political leadership…activism does.

    I don’t care for politics myself and I absolutely despise politicians nevertheless, in case you haven’t noticed, I have had to become political. ICCF has unfortunately become political out of pure necessity. We are in a war, not a shooting war nor a cold war but a war of words, of what is right and everyone has to be a soldier in this war.

    The tactics and ammunition in the war of words are simple and calls, letters, Emails, and vote.

    Some key points to ponder…
    > The 2nd Amendment is the only one that guarantees all the others.

    > The 2A in not about target shooting, hunting, or even self-protection, it is there to protect the citizens of the United States of America from our own government.

    > The people are the militia, not the National Guard. Many legal precedents back this up to include US Supreme Court rulings.

    > The Constitution is not and never will be antiquated.

    > There are approximately 50 million gun owning households in the USA…we are the biggest minority.

    > Knowledge is power…take a few minutes to learn a bit about our Founding Fathers and their mindset when they drafted the Constitution.

    > Stop empowering politicians to rule you, they work for us…let them know it.
    > There are NO so-called “reasonable” gun control laws.

    > We know what’s best for us, not them.

    > Once your rights are stolen they will never be returned.​
    For further reading and information, try these sites…

    Gun Facts - Your Guide to Debunking Gun Control Myths Gun Facts is a free e-book that debunks common myths about gun control.
    It is intended as a reference guide for journalists, activists, politicians, and other people interested in restoring honesty to the debate about guns, crime, and the 2nd Amendment.

    NRA-ILA Firearms Fact Card, 2008

    Gun Owners of America…I couldn’t begin to list all the information here.

    U.S. Constitution Online is an extremely valuable site to review our historical documents. You have to visit this site to believe it.

    Earliest Pro-Gun Quotes will give you a clear view of the mindset of our Founding Fathers.

    YOUR VOICE CANNOT BE HEARD IF YOU REMAIN SILENT! take action now, don’t count on others to fight your battles for you or you may have no battle to fight.

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    Ken, you nailed it precisely. Thanks.

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    Great post Ken and it has never been said better!!
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    Well said and truer words were never spoken.
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    Thanks fellows...
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    Everyone on this forum should be a member of the NRA. If there is a Friends of the NRA in your area, check it out and support it . Better yet join the committee. Half the money the committees raise goes to the NRA to promote shooting sports. The other half stays in the state the committee is in for the same purpose. This is where your shooting ranges get a lot of their funding as well as organizations like youth shooting groups and Boy Scouts. These are our future shooters and 2A supporters. Youth training is absolutely critical to combat the brainwashing they get in the schools. Join the PTA or get on the School Board to fight the gun grabbers. They have joined an gotten elected to these organizations. Check out your City Council and consider running if you dont like what you see. Get involved. Invite your neighbor or a fellow worker to the range if he or she does not shoot. Use 22's so he does not get gun shy. They are a lot of fun and you may win over a voter.
    NRA Benefactor
    FNRA Committee Member.
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    I'm a member of the NRA, GOA, Revolutionary War Veterans of America and the Gun Owners of California. I'd belong to more, but money's too tight for all the dues it would entail.

    I'm also a member of the Tea Party and politically active. I don't just cut and paste articles on the webz. ;)
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    NRA Patron Life Member here...

    Soon to also begin contributing to the Second Amendment Foundation. They have been very proactive, and successful, along with the NRA on the legislative front.


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    Let's put it this way...EVERYONE should be politically active, vote and driving you local, state, and federal elected officials crazy with your desires as a Citizen.

    Regardless of the organization, join and support some of the more important ones like the GOA, NRA, State Campaign for Liberty, et cetera...

    It was not my intent to promote any specific organization, that's for you to decide.
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    I live in a rather liberal state but in the eastern/central part of Washington many Japanese-americans are suprisingly more conservative than the people from around the seattle area. Much of Washington's history/foundation as it is today was built by immigrants from Japan.

    Like any other American, we don't like our freedom messed with. I came to this country for the reason of better and more freedoms that my home country could not offer. Women are also treated more equally here as in Japan, contrary to what foreigners to there are told, are not.
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    Activism is NOT your right, its your DUTY!

    Or just let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do your bidding.

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    Cane are you trying to scare everyone with these pictures????? :eek:
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    Dammit, Cane, what the hell's the matter with you?! OK, so much for a thought-provoking comment from your's truly.

    I'll give it a shot anyway.

    kilogulf is right: We absolutely must keep on everyone in elected office, particularly at the local level. Call, write, show up to town meetings, participate in petitions, and hang with your local Tea Party folks. You'll learn a lot and help get the message across.

    That said, it is more important now than ever to take stock of what the constitution says versus what's really going on. The more you read and the more you pay attention, the less things line up. If you're anything like me, you'll come to a really nasty conclusion that'll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up: this is all a colossal farce.

    Here's an article showing how five unelected individuals can and often do overrule the will of the people and decide the meaning and applicability of the foundational document of American civil government.

    Yes, by all means, get out and participate. But pay attention. Become acquainted with your town's bylaws and your state's constitution and don't be shy about calling out overzealous local idiot politicians who overstep their authority. Something tells me this can only be fixed when people fix government at the local level first.
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    Excellent article BKT. It's true and it's a crying shame.
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    I can't wait to vote for the first time in 2012 then! I've already been paying attention and been to one town hall meeting. I'm going to register to vote soon.
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    On my Facebook Page I am constantly posting notices where we can contact our legislators...I also post how to contact them easily.

    As an example, the so-called Patriot Act is up for renewal..."they" are trying to keep this quite and push it through as it simply empowers "them" against us.

    Here my letter and the link from where I sent it to all three of my stooges...

    The bottom line is we do not want the so-called Patriot Act. The USA is (was?) a free country until we started giving away our rights and freedoms for a false sense of security.

    The so-called Patriot Act does nothing to secure us, it simply empowers our government to control us - get rid of the Patriot Act!

    I can assure you, we will be watching our elected officials vigilantly, from now on, to make certain they do represent our wishes. Need I point out the upshot for many from the last election who voted against the “Will of the People”?

    You can get them all with the NRA/ILA's site...remember to un-check the President's name at the list top unless you want to sent to him...

    Anyone need help doing this just contact me and I'll walk you through it.

    You have the right attitude ma'am.

    The other day, I was just talking about the raw deal the west-coast Issei, Nisei, and Sansei received during WWII. I had friends whose parents and grandparents were at a camp in Arizona.

    FDR approved the internment camps against the FBI's and Army's wishes. That was pushed big-time by....the California and Oregon politicians...Even old J. Edgar said it was wrong and there's no evidence to support the claims, they're American as anyone else. The California politician at the head of that movement was none other than future Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Earl Warren...another so-called liberal Democrat Tomoko.

    Tomoko the entire incident is a complete disgrace to the USA and to compound the problem was the handling of the reparations. Ironically, the most highly decorated unit in the US Army was and still is the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, all Americans of Japanese decent, and among the many medals for valor are 21 Medals of Honor!

    Anyway, with knowledge of history and some intelligence you can make a difference and see that a disgraceful act of this nature never happens again. Believe me Tomoko it will be attempted again, not against a race or culture but against freemen, thinking men, ones who won’t conform to the “New World Order”...because “they” know what’s best for us.

    Tomoko by being activists and maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights we all preclude that dramatic step from occurring. Just don’t let your guard down for a minute. Remember “It’s YOUR government!”…rule it or be ruled.
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    I'll post this again, sense it fits the bill.

    There are different types of gun owners.

    Not all gun owners think alike, some are almost as much anti gun as osamaobama.

    We have someplace around 85 million gun owners as of right now, and they are so divers that we gun owners cannot depend on each others for support of pro gun measures nor even who they will vote for.

    It’s hard to pin down just what each type of gun owner supports but I will list the common types here that I know we have.

    1. The shotgun owner. (Believes that only shot guns should be legal)
    2. The hunter. (Believes that only guns made for hunting should be legal) aka bolt action rifles, and double-barreled shotguns.
    3. The Black Powder shooter, (Believes that only black powder rifles and pistols are covered under the 2A.)
    4. The limited, (Believes that there should be limits on types of guns owned) aka Revolvers for home protection, Hunting rifles and shotguns.
    5. The licensed, (Believes most common guns are ok but they and their owners should be licensed.)
    6. The Elite, (Believes that only they posses the right to own guns)
    7. The semi-auto, (Believes semi-auto’s are ok as long as they don’t look like assault weapons)
    8. The all butt, (Believes any gun should be legal to own butt High powered sniper rifles) aka The .50 cal Barrett
    9. The safe stored, (Believes it’s ok to own guns as long as they are kept in a government approved storage facility)
    10. The Real Patriots, (Believes that anyone should be able to own any type of weapon they choose)

    This list is but the few beliefs in gun ownership that I actually have run into. So they are not just wishful thinking on my part, these types of people actually do exist. Some are a mix and match from the list like, someone who believes that it is ok to own black powder rifles, and normal shot guns for hunting, or The Semi-auto as long as they are registered.

    There are variations of any of the listed categories. Even in the membership of the NRA there are such a wide variety of beliefs that we cannot even get an absolute consensus of what to support. Most every group listed above says they support the 2A, but most believe that there should be some form of restriction placed on either the type or amounts of firearms, and ammo that we should be allowed to own.

    The 2A is unconditional, not one anti-gun law was ever passed up until after the civil war where (democratic) whites wanted to keep the former slaves from owning guns. Then the ball started rolling and we just got it shoved deeper and harder through out the years.

    The main push right now should be to bring all gun owners and Second Amendment supporters together as one voice that is very loud and clear. The need for every gun owner to understand that any threat to gun rights is a threat to all gun rights.

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    Well said folks and thanks for the posts and info ;)
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    My New Year's Resolution is to stop arguing with the Antis, and start trying to

    get gun owners in our "silent majority" involved.

    Our NRA membership count should be closer to 40-45 MILLION, as opposed to the paltry 4 Million it is today.

    Simple math shows a 1:20 to 1:25 ratio of activists:nonactivist gun supporters.

    Can you just imagine if we multiplied our political voice 20 fold?;)
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    I won't rejoin the NRA 'til they stop playing politics and start being principled. I'll go with GOA instead.