Activism in the place where Canada used to be

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by bluez, Jun 29, 2020 at 11:17 AM.

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    I keep up with RN. What's happening in the Great White North is truly frightening. Definitely a harbinger of our future if reason doesn't regain control here.
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    I remember when carrying a pistol to Alaska was routine just had to fill out a paper.
    The BLM and ANTIFA are International Terrorist Organizations. What is happening for the last several years is new arrivals on the scene from the same groups.George Soros et. al. Spent and still spends huge sums on BLM and ANTIFA and his 187 Subversive groups that organize and train along with CPUSA these other groups and Democrats..and Attoreny Generls across the states.. The central target is Western Christian Civilization and our Republic is its last bastion. Soros and cast and UN and EU Socialists have destroyed Europe though Islamic Conquest By Mass Emigration/immigration. The Democrats are trying the same approach with Illegal Aliens and the now petered out but left Islamic agents of our destruction or conquest in Congress and elsewhere. Now BLM is saying they are headed for the suburbs. Well maybe in Nu Josey, but here in the woods and fields we sit in trees for all day silently and camoflauged to shoot something..and they won't get that far. the Sheriff and our Officers will see to it and we always chip in to help when they call. Sounds like bragdochia, well hopefully that is all but we are God and Country here and we don't call 911 until after the perps are down. They couldn't get here in time anyway if not expecting them. Americans better get some starch and stand up for themselves and community and nation.
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