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    Hello everyone, I just recently purchased a standard ruger mini 14. It has a serial number beginning with 186 and after talking with a ruger representative, determined that the rifle was made in 1993. I hear great things about these Accustruts and would like to put one on my mini. My question is, can an accustrut fit into this mini 14 that I have? Also, what model?

    I was on the accustrut website and I see exceptions as to what rifles can properly use the accustrut, but it can be a bit confusing. My final questions is, what side mounts would you recommend if I wanted to put a scope or red dot sight onto the rifle? Remember, my rifle is not a ranch version and so the only two possible ways to mount any sight would be to have the receiver professionally drilled and tapped (too expensive) OR to use the side mount. Thank you in advance!
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    If an Ultimak rail would work I would recommend that and a red dot of some type. Unless you are doing some type of varmint set up. Before committing to a strut figure out what your budget is for accessories and upgrades, and then maybe talk to John Baker at Great West Gunsmithing. He knows Mini's and has some very affordable accurizing packages. And if you are a little talented, he has videos on his web site showing how to do some of his work. I've heard struts are good for the older, thinner barreled Minis, but there may be other upgrades that will help too.

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    congrats and welcome to the mini club!

    i see no reason an accu-strut would not fit on your mini, it is modern enough (i think) that it should fit. the only models i know of a strut won't fit on is some factory folders that do not have the extra metal on the gas block for attachment. look at the image below, if your gas block looks similar, a strut will work.

    now, if you want accuracy improvement get a 2 clamp strut. on your thin barrel, it should work WONDERS! :) some "dimple" the gas block with a drill for a good hold with the screws, but i found using the purple locktite will secure the strut just fine. otherwise, thr accu-strut is just a "screw on" accessory and about as simple as it gets.

    imo, get the accu-strut. in a thin barrel mini, it is one of the best mods you can make to get it shooting better.

    i am afraid i can offer you no help on your scope mount dilemma, as my mini is a ranch rifle. hopefully, someone else will chime in.

    honestly, i love shooting the irons on my mini as well. :D


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    Your Rifle was made a Year or so after mine. I have a Stainless With an under folding 3 pos. Stock. Mine Starts with a 184, I have the Accu-Check. I like the Ultimak rail, and I'm going to change out my optic from the weaver 3-9X40 to a Burris AR Prismatic( either the 332 or the 536). One Day I'll get a second one in "Ranch" config. Or as a few of my friends call it, the A-Team Gun...

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    As Cardiac mentioned, there is a third way, the best and easiest way for a non Ranch model. That is the Ultimak railed hand guard. My 195 series was a Ranch model with the intregal rings, but I didn't like mounting a scope there. I used a scope with the Ruger rings mounted over the action when I first got the rifle to test loads for accuracy, but for about a half dozen reasons the Scout mount is superior to mounting over the action, and I eagerly awaited getting my Ultimak.
    But for a Scout mount you will need a long eye relief optic. They range from the $130 Leatherwood Hi-Lux 2-7x ( nice scope by the way, I put one on my Ruger GSR .308) to the $600 Leupold VXR 1.5-5x. My Mini has a middle of the road ( $290) Nikon Force L.E.R. 2.5-8x on it, but one day I might get the Leupold, as I like the Fire Dot illumination in my regular eye relief Leupold 1-4x that's on my AR-15. Other scout scopes are the Weaver ( heavy), Burris, and a few others.

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    You have this posted in 2 places. Makes it kind of confusing to follow. Ask the moderators to move the post if you dont like where it is at instead of creating a new one with the same title.
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    Thank you everyone for the responses and help! Very much appreciated! Sorry for posting this in 2 places. After I posted this the first time, I remembered that there was a Mini 14 forum!! D'oh! My apologies for any confusion. Again, thank you for the responses!