accurate .22lr for around $250

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  1. PigPen

    PigPen New Member

    i want a tack driver... literally i want to hit a nail head at 80 yards or so with a .22lr i so far am set on a savage Mark II FV with the 21" heavy barrel i can get one for $258 before fees anybody else have a better idea? i am looking to buy before march thank you in advance for your help!
  2. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    To hit a nail head at 80 yards, you'll need a scope (or at least I would!). Did you think of that in your budget?

  3. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    I am sorry to say your going to have a hard time doing that with a $1000 22lr let alone one costing 1/4 of that.

    The most accurate 22 I have prints 1" at 100 yards. That's with a Weaver Target scope on top....
  4. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper New Member

    Assuming a standard 16 penny spike, to be able hit the head of a nail every time you would need consistant accuracy of approx 1/4 inch. The best and greatest (expensive) 22lr's in the world would be proud to claim that accuracy at 50 yards.
    For instance the Cooper 57M is factory guaranteed to shoot 1/4" at 50 yards with Fed Match ammo and must do 1/8" at the factory before being shipped so that might be an option. However even a 5mph wind will move a 22lr bullet around 1/2 inch at 50 so your wind reading needs to be spot on. The cooper rifle is over $1500 and MAY be able to do what you want at 80 yards.

    Not trying to rain on your parade but that type of accuracy at 80 yards wouln't be guaranteed with any 22LR regardless of price or the money, time and effort invested by the best 'smiths in the world. Not saying it can't be done it's just highly unlikely regardless of your budget.
  5. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    That's some tall expectations from a 250.00 anything.
  6. razorbaq

    razorbaq New Member

    I can do that all day at 25 yards with my marlin 795, Same with a 10/22. Good luck doing that at that distance with any 22lr I believe the round itself wont allow that kind of accuracy.
  7. PigPen

    PigPen New Member

    ok lets just say most accurate 22lr for around $250 for just the gun ill get the scope after the fact. so far like i said im feeling the savage mark II with accutrigger and the 21" heavy barrel. im gonna have my smith work his magic on what he can i just want a cheap money gun like i bet you $20 you cant hit this pop can at 50 yards with that 22 lol i got my rem 700 and 1911 to sink all my money into i just want a tack driving plinker
  8. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    I don't know much about the Savage. As I understand it, they are pretty good for the cash.
    A sub-MOA .22 is doable, but not for $250 unless you get REALLY lucky. My Kimber 82 might be close /w match ammo, but I doubt it. Serious accuracy from a .22: I would start with an Anshutz and match ammo. Even a used 54 sporter is going to cost big cash.
    Beer can @ 50yds? Much lower threshhold. Most decent .22s can make that happen. Just find the ammo that works best in that gun.
  9. PX15

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    No offense, but you're gonna need a bigger nail head..

    I'm of the opinion that at 80 yards your best POTENTIAL for hitting a "nail head" with a rim fire rifle, with any consistency, is not going to be found in a rim fire rifle costing $250.00.

    You can keep adding dollars to that purchase price and sooner or later MAYBE (when you get a dedicated target rifle, using target ammunition, and there's no wind) get your wish.

    Lotsa' luck, let us know how it works out for ya. :)

  10. bgeddes

    bgeddes New Member

    Savage is your best spent $250 but hitting a nail at 80 yards will take a lot more than a great gun.
  11. Eric0424

    Eric0424 New Member

    If you want something to hit a nail head at 80-100 yards you should consider the 17HMR, and a lot of practice, instead of the 22lr. I would also recommend a 6-24x40 or 6-24x50 scope if that's your goal.

    Marlin will soon be releasing a new adjustable trigger on their rimfire bolt-actions similar to the Accu-Trigger and they're known for their accuracy to begin with. They're also producing some heavy barreled rimfire rifles soon too. They should be under $250 depending on which model you're considering. I gave about $235 for my Marlin 917V and about $125 for the BSA 6-24x44 Catseye scope sitting on top.
  12. mrjbacon

    mrjbacon New Member

    I don't know how much it would be or how easy to find one would be, but the most accurate .22 I've ever shot was a Savage Arms .22 bolt-action military training rifle. It had a 5 round clip and used a 2mm rear peep site . I could put 5 or 6 shots on a dime at 50 yards, and I probably could have done even better if it had had a scope on it.
  13. PigPen

    PigPen New Member

    so far i think im going to get the savage i was primarily looking to see if anybody had better ideas and between you guys online and guys at my local gun stores the savage seems like a winner i was looking at 10/22s but i guess it takes more money into those in accuracy work to compare to the bolt action savage i will post a range report on it when it comes in and i get a scope and whatnot thanks again for all of your help!
  14. pd1hayden

    pd1hayden New Member

    I have found the Marlins to be quite accurate--the time-honored Marlin model 60 can be incredibly accurate, and fairly nice looking as well, with the little bit longer barrel, and a nice 3-9x scope included, for under $250!
    Depending on what you want, and how you want to modify it, etc., you might look into an old Winchester 67, with a 27" barrel (assuming a fairly decent bore). Put a nice looking scope mount on it, and you might have something. Just for a lark (pun intended), I shot a mid-sized bird out at 50 yards with open sights several months ago, even with my old (58) eyes! I was almost surprised at the hit! Sometime I'll have to put the guns (I've got 2 Win. 67's) on a solid rest and see what they can really do!
  15. pranc2

    pranc2 New Member

    if you could find one of those for $1k let me know. i will buy it now.
    and speaking of witch..................

    got to see a friends collection today and among may things this kimber 22lr bolt action was my personal favorite. walnut stock, shorter barrel, and an 11 ounce trigger!!! he let me dry fire it a few times because when you touch the trigger it goes off. he shoots 1 1/2" metal targets at 50 yards. i consider that to be damn good. hope to be able to learn from this man. im not close to that and would think that you would have to be able to do that before you make it to nail heads at 80yards. i would have been happy to make smiley face at 20 yards with a pistol.
  16. od green

    od green New Member

    I'd also like a nail driver but also people in hell want ice water for the price you want to pay.
  17. CourtJester

    CourtJester Well-Known Member

    You wont get it for that price but you can get one for a bit over double that. I have a 10/22 with a 17.5" Green Mountain heavy fluted muzzle weighted barrel ($175), cheap 3x12 50mm scope off of e-bay ($56)(different one than pictured below), Fajen adjustable stock ($102), and a trigger group I did myself for ($30).
    Regular ammo is pretty good depending on what you use but with match ammo I can (and have) hit 10 out of 10 spent 22 casings at 50 yards. That's laid on their sides aiming at the butt of the casing. My 11 year old can put 20 shots into a dime size cirlcle at 50 yards is I sit at his side and keep reminding him to breath out. It's what I take squirrel hunting with match ammo and I've yet to take anything but and miss a head shot.
    Still a bit over $250 but it is very doable for under $600

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