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Hi nut,

I would like to help you out with this question. Perhaps you can provide a little more information such as;

- which 1927 sniper rifle are you referring to?
- what accuracy benchmark are you referring to?

There are rifles which snipers used, rifles which were modified for sniper use, and most recently we have a few rifles manufactured specifically as/and for snipers.

Many people rate accuracy of a rifle in relation to the size group it will shoot, as in a 5 shot 1" group at 100 yards. However for sniper use this is only a mildly relative rating. As a former sniper, I want to know precisely where my first three shots are going to impact at any given distance under the given elements. knowing this begins with knowing how the combination of rifle, sight system and ammunition will perform in various shooting conditions.

For snipers whether military, police or civilian, it brings up the old question, "how accurate is accurate"? Accuracy demands may change with the application or mission. In general, police snipers need more accuracy for close in encounters say from zero to 150 yards and very rarely need sniper rifles for fire power. Military snipers need more accuracy for longer distances such as 800 to 2,000 yards and more fire power than accuracy at ranges closer than 600 yards.

Of course none of this helps you with your question, but if you provide us with additional information I'm sure we can help.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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