Accuracy related to bullet type/weight

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    I am going to try and squeeze in a range trip this weekend to test out a new scope. I am trying to get a wide variety of ammo to try and see what grain and bullet type my rifle likes. I have a CHF 16" barrel with a 1:7 twist. My question is regarding different bullets. I have some 62gr Fusion rounds, 75gr Hornady BTHP, 60gr Nosler, 68gr Hornady BTHP and assorted 55gr FMJ.

    How much should I expect accuracy to differ between Soft Point, FMJ and BTHP? I know POI will change mostly due to bullet weight. But what difference in group size should I see?

    I am more interested in finding the most accurate hunting ammo. I can not use FMJ ammo for hunting in my state. No restrictions on caliber. Recommendations and information are appreciated.
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    Dont use hollowpoint either. They tend to disintegrate leaving horrid surface injuries that cause the animal to run off and die weeks later from infection.

    At hunting ranges your not going to see any real practical difference a 1:7 barrel will put everything you list in a 6 inch circle at 100yds thats the kill zone of a deer sized critter. Slightly smaller for hogs and yotes.

    Pick a good solid hunting bullet. My preference are for nosler partitions as they tend to retain weight well mushroom nicely and punch through without deflection from bone

    Soft points are the best hunting rounds.

    Makes for a very humane kill.
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