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    I have a new Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 , 26" bull barrell with a 12" twist. I've changed the stock to a wooden thumb hole stock and had the barrell floated and I still can't seem to get as good of a grouping as I want. I am searching for the best reload to pursue. Can anyone suggest a weight of bullet and type of powder they have good results with? I've been using H4895, and tried Sierra match kings 168 gr, Speer straight tail 165gr SP. The match kings were better. I've shot some factory loads of 150 gr Remington and Winchester and they produce the worst groupings.
    Which barrell twist is better for lighter and heavier bullets.
    Thanks to anyone for any advice they might have.
  2. Biohazard2

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    Try 44 grains of Varget w/178 Hornady Amax.
    You may also want to try a Rifle Basix trigger w/1.5lb pull.

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    I have a similar rifle (700 VLS in .308 Win). It is also restocked with an EBP (evil black plastic) stock. I did not replace the trigger, but committed the politically incorrect crime of adjusting the factory trigger sown somewhat.

    Accuracy load is matched Federal cases, 174 grain surplus military bullets, Winchester LR primers and 41.0 grains of IMR 4895 (not close to a maximum load according to my sources). I would think 168 grain match bullets would be suitable.

    However, all rifles are individual. Good luck.
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    Try IMR4064. That's one of the best powders for .308 ever. :)
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    Both my brother and brother in law have the same rifle. My brother in law found an accuracy node at 41.5 grains 0f IMR 4064 using 168 SMK's. My brother also using 168 SMK's found a node at 39.5 IMR 4895. In my 308 AIAW using IMR 4895 my node @ 38 grains behind 168SMK's.
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    If a 308 does not shoot well using 41 of 4895 and a 168 Sierra, there is something wrong with the rifle. Can I assume the stock is properly bedded? GD
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    Always had better luck with 175 grain SMK's.
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    Bed,float and a trigger job would be the way to go for me.

    Is the rifle stringing it's groups or throwing flyers every so often?
    Another question is how are you cleaning your barrel as this will affect your barrel if your looking for .5" or better groups.

    If your only punching holes in paper then you've got to start looking at things like OAL of your cartridge, bullet seating length, projectile and powder selection.

    With a 1:12 barrel you should be able to use up to 175gn pills and maybe try Berger's,VLD's as well.

    Powder wise try Varget which is actually an Aussie powder branded here as AR2208 and it works well in the .308's here as it was originally designed as a military powder with good temperature stability and clean burning quality's.