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    I have a stevens model 62 22 lr aka savage model 64 and this rifle was once a tackdriver but it seemed as if all of the sudden it started shooting very badly it went from about 1 inch groups at 50 yards or better to about 6 inch groups at 50 yards this rifle has fired about 50,000 rounds since i have owned it I tried cleaning it checking the scope for tightness nothing improved accuracy called a gunsmith he said it is unlikley that the rifling is worn out and I fired a round into some water jugs and found the bullet it had even rifling grooves all the way around it. the way it groups it very odd and seems to be consistant 1st shot 6 inches high 1 inch left 2nd shot is next to that then 3rd shot moves down level with the bullseye but remains 1 inch left after that they bullseye just fine for the remaing 7 rounds very weird i thought. any help would be much apprechated I shoot on all my days off from work but it is no fun to shoot a poorly accurate rifle and centerfire is to darn expensive and the sights on my 10/22 are awfully hard to use please help.
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    Have you changed anything like ammo?

    It could need a very good cleaning 22lr are not known for being clean shooting rifles.

    Other than that I would say the scope is bad. If you have another scope try it on there if is starts shooting again then there you have it scope was bad.

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    What CPtango said - take the scope off and try to group with it. If it's all over the paper your barrel is shot out - 50,000 rds. is A LOT of use.
    You can get a barrel liner from Numerich Arms (GPC) for about $20.
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    As others have said--take off or try another scope. They do go bad. If that doesn't
    make a difference, check the muzle crown and the rifling in the last inch of barrel.

    Wood or synthetic stock? possible it's a bedding problem. Any chance that the barrel
    has loosened in the receiver?

    If that doesn't make a difference, check the muzle crown and the rifling in the last inch of barrel.

    Looks like your gun is one of those that must be cleaned from the muzzle end. You
    using a cheap aluminum cleaning rod? It will pick up grit and literally grind out the
    rifling at the muzzle. If that is the case, you can reline the barrel, or cut it back
    and re-crown. Don't go below the legal minimum if you cut it back!
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    I have the same rifle, although I've only fired about 5,000 rounds through it. Mine does that when it needs to be cleaned, I hate tearing this rifle down and removing the barrel from action but that is the only way to get it really clean. Every time I take the barrel off, I have to remove my Simmons 3-9x32 scope cause the front of the scope won't clear the iron sights. So everytime it gets cleaned, the scope needs to be sighted in again. I don't get to clean it very often cause of this. I bought a can of Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber, when it gets dirty, I just give it a little squirt and that helps. Eventually I have to completely disassemble it.
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    Oh forgot to ask. Do you ever get little cuts on your thumb? For a long time I kept getting these little cuts on my thumb and I couldn't figure out where I was getting them. They weren't very deep, only through the first layer of skin, just basically lines.

    I finally figured out that the action of this rifle was sharpening the feed lips on it's mag and every time I loaded it, I got these tiny little cuts.
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    I really appreciate all of your help it is back to shooting well after a much needed cleaning recomended by dragunovsks for the record it had a thick coating of sludge all around the action I took it apart and cleaned it all realy well and put it back together and it fixed it up once again thank you guys i love that gun and i felt sick when it scewed up ps. I do not know about the cuts cause i work on cars for a living and i am cut all over my hands.
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    Glad you're back to shooting well- I run a LOT of 22 ammo downrange, and now and again I have to THOROUGHLY clean a bore- not just the crud (bullet lube and unburned powder) but LEADED UP rifling. Wet bore well with Hoppes, scrub with slow strokes of bore brush, flush, repeat. Run a lot of .38 wadcutter thru one target revolver, and got a Lewis Deleader- it pulls CHUNKS of lead out of the cylinder and bore.
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    hey guys im new to this whole thing and i know this is off topic but im having a problem sorta like this. I have a 22 mag i bought it used its a Rugers 77/22 mag all weather edition with a leapold 2-7x32 powered scope on top with ruger rings. At 100 yards i cant get a grouping better than 2 inches off a benchrest! So i took it to a gunsmith down the street and had him check the crowing but we came to conclusion that my scope parelex was messed up. A day later went back out and i still couldnt get a grouping better than 2 inches! Plz tell me what could be wrong with this gun!