accuracy of Ruger GP-100 6" ?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by bleak23, May 16, 2009.

  1. bleak23

    bleak23 New Member

    How accurate are they? I read somewhere that it is hard to get tight groups with them. I would think, with a 6" barrel, that that would not be the case.

    I know from experience that my last revolver (S&W .357 snub) was not very accurate even fired by a pro.
  2. Cnynrat

    Cnynrat New Member

    I'm not the world's best expert on this firearm, but I have shot a rental GP-100 6" at our local range a couple times because I am thinking about buying one. I've been able to get good groups out of it at typical self defense distances. It does have a long heavy trigger pull which I would guess might cause some people some difficulty, especially those with smaller hands.

    Overall, I like the gun. The only thing holding me back is it's way too big for my wife's hands.

  3. RL357Mag

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    I used to think barrel length was the only determing factor in a revolvers' accuracy, until I shot a friends S&W Mod.66 .357 mag. with a 1-3/4" barrel. I had very limited handgun experience (BP revolvers only) and I consistently hit a 6" bullseye at the indoor range from 25' with that Mod.66 snubby. When I got my own CCW I bought a 4" Stainless vent-rib-ported Rossi in .357 which was less accurate than that S&W Mod.66. Ruger's aren't known for extreme accuracy. Reliability and strength, yes. I won't buy any gun that doesn't have adjustable sights.
  4. CA357

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    I have a GP 160. It's a limited re-release of the earlier 6" GP100's with the half lug barrel.

    I have old eyes, so I replaced the original front sight with a new factory sight with a red insert.

    I can keep most shots in the 10 ring at 25 yards. At seven to fifteen yards, it makes one big hole.

    It's stout and dependable and I think the half lug makes it a bit more handsome. :cool:

  5. stalkingbear

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    The Rugers I've shot (GP100) have all exhibited excellent accuracy. Sometimes (rare) any mass produced revolver may need the chamber throats uniformed and/or the forcing cone reamed/honed for optimum accuracy. I've ran into a bunch of those examples and fixed them-regardless of brand.
  6. Clem

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    Barrel length provides increased sight radius which always helps, but chamber alignment with barrel is essential. On my 4" GP100 I changed out the cylinder latch with a slightly thicker one to get the Chamber alignment closer. As the barrel has gotten broken it, it continues to shoot better and better.

    The trigger also benefits from a little internal smoothing. After I smoothed my gun, it has a very good trigger. I have recently replaced the front sight with a green HiViz front sight to make it easier to pick up in reduced light against dark backgrounds.

    Mine is my night stand gun.