Accuacy-What to Expect?

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    I am not really a newbie to guns or shooting,but I am to putting on a scope and knowing what accuracy I should be getting on paper at any given range with different guns(I grew up plinking cans with .22's).Well I just put a 1.75-4X scope on my .444 and tried to see if I could sight it in,after a few shots I think I dialed it in pretty close.Then I shot 3 rounds a letter sized target at 25yards,then for fun I shot 3 rounds from 100 yards to the center of a 24"x30" piece of bulletproof glass(from a booth gas station).I was using Hornady leverevolution ammo even though I heard that you are not supposed to in my older Marlin.What do you think?

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    Nothing wrong with those groups at all. A 444 is a big slug and keeping them that tight would make almost anyone smile.

  3. Yunus

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    Looks good to me. .444 isn't exactly a plinking round so I would imagine the accuracy you have right now would be sufficient for any real world use you have for that gun. Shooting that glass sounds like fun too, I have wanted to try it to see what different calibers do to it.
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    I put that glass at about 45 degrees and shot at it with a .22 and .357mag.The .22 just left a gray streak and the .357 left a chip and cracked a little,but wasn't even close to getting through it.I couldn't believe how easy that .444 went through it from 100 yards(don't show that pic to gas station attendants)They wouldn't feel safe after seeing that.
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    Groups meet MY test- minute of whitetail. That was not intended as a target round. The relatively "rainbowed" trajectory at distance makes accuracy much harder than a flat shooting high velocity round. Ya done good.

    Re: Glass- my son, do you now understand why the term is bullet RESISTANT? Because NOTHING is bullet PROOF. :p
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    MOW-----Minute of Whitetail, thats one I'll have to remember. LOL

    I agree, looks like pretty good groups to me.

    I am anxious to hear from somebody why it isnt reccomended to use Hornady Leverevolution in older Marlins (if that is the case). I havent heard of this before.
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    The newer 444 Marlins have a regular ballard rifling that is deep and has a fast 1/16"(I believe) twist and can fire heavy loads accuratly as where the 1964-1997 Marlins(I believe)have a 1/38" slower microgroove barrel designed to fire only 240 grain ammo,some people say that it won"t spin the heavier longer bullets very well and will have poor accuracy.Some people report good accuracy with heavier bullets in the older Marlins and some people have bad accuracy with them,but I seemed to have had good luck with them which I really like because it's a good +600ft lbs energy more@ 100 yards with the leverevolution vs standard Remington 444 ammo.
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    ^^^ yeah that.

    It's a case of the Microgrooving being persnickety about what ammo it likes,
    as each barrel seems to like something different than another one.

    That's why a lotta folks with Marlins are used to having Log Books that
    notate what rounds work best for the most precision.

    That's why most Marlin owners have only ONE centerfire rifle of each caliber...
    so we don't confuse the ammo's ;)

    I keep a short listing on top of the ammo bag for my rimfires as well...most prefer CCI Minimags in .22lr,
    but others prefer Remington Target Standard Velocity...