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Is anyone familiar with the AT-380 II or the HC-380? They say they are all American made and a reasonable price.
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I had a Accu-Tek quite a few years ago and a buddy had one just like it. It was not the HC Model, but a small 5 + 1 pistol. On both these, the magazine would drop out about every other round and it was really hard on the hands. I could never in good faith recommend one to anyone. If you are looking for an inexpensive .380, I highly recommend the Bersa Thunder .380. Probably cost a little more, but no comparison at all in quality and accuracy.
Thanks for the heads up. The place that I was looking at for some carry weapons had a Thunder there for $250.00. It was a two tone and did feel good in the hand.
I have the Thunder .380 and it really shoots great and is totally reliable. It is also large enough to shoot a lot at the range comfortably. Mine is also the Duo-tone and the finish is really holding up well. I'm not sure there is a better pistol for the money out there and I have a lot of guns suitable for CC.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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