Accidents and injuries

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    I was shooting with a friend who was shooting a ruger .22 revolver with interchangeable cylinders. Can't remember what it was called... Security six?

    Anyways the story goes.... The cylinder ended up getting out of time and one of the bullets didnt go down the barrel but instead ended up fragmenting out the side and hitting me in the back... I thought he shot me.

    So I turned around, possibly to gun down a close a friend (just kidding) and I realized it was an accident.. It hurt like hell but I got over it and had a laugh.

    I was curious what accidental injuries you guys have had :)

    My friends dad shot himself witha .357 I'm the foot once.

    I'm typing all this on the mobile app and can't see what I'm typing so if there are misspellingsi apologize
  2. kfox75

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    Broke my left leg, three times. Car slipped off a tow dolly while loading it, bad tackle while playing football, and a near fatal car wreck (other guy blew .31, I was sober) broke most of the bones in the left side of my body.
    Shot in right leg, twice. Once with a crossbow bolt, once with a .38 special via a ricochet.
    had an F-250 fall off the jack stands while changing out the front axle. Broken ribs, collar bone, and shoulder blade on my left side.
    Dropped a motorcycle ( my mom's XS1100 Yamaha) when the front brake locked up solid while travelling at 60 MPH. All I got from that was a sprained knee and ankle, and one hell of a case of road rash. Not the first time. have been riding since I was 6, started out on a YZ50 Yamaha.
    Rolled my truck while going through my divorce. Truck was D.O.A., I didn't even get a scratch.
    Notched both my right and left thumbs by not using the proper technique the first couple of times I fired a semi-auto pistol.
    My wife's last dog bit me in the face, less than an inch from my right eye. 15 sutures, and an interesting scar later, the dog is now at my friend's shop as a guard dog
    Had a co-worker nail my left hand to a pallet when I worked in the shipping department of a local factory.
    Several other cuts bruises and apbrasions without a worthwhile story behind them. I used to work as a bouncer at a local nightclub.

    So far, I have only used up 3 of my lives. 6 still left.:D

  3. c3shooter

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    :pALL of my injuries have been accidental. Did not plan for any of them.
  4. 7point62

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    I've had too many injuries. Some were accidental, some were intentional on the part of others. But I've never had an accidental or negligent discharge or an injury due to a firearm in my own hand. I've been bit by a German Shepard, mule-kicked in the chest by a horse, bit by a brown recluse spider, shot by a Viet Cong, blown up by an IED, hit by a drunk driver...

    The longer you live the more scars you get.
  5. orangello

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    Oddly enough, of all my booboos over the years, i'm having trouble remembering any that were firearms-related. Cars, boats, motorbikes, alcohol, and women seem to cause MANY more injuries to me.
  6. Axxe55

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    about the only firearm related injuries i have ever had, came from working on them. cuts, bruises, smashed fingers and thumbs and such.

    but i have plenty of scars from many other activities!:p
  7. Chainfire

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    The worst accidental injury I have suffered was grabbing a pit viper from the wrong end. Several days of ICU followed.
  8. Garadex

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    Axxe that is the same as me; and chainfire that is hecka scary.
  9. CourtJester

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    Long list for me. Thank God GM and mom's marketing firm carried good insurance.

    Broke my right leg on my first bike when six
    Broke jaw crashing bike on a whole made ramp at 10
    Broke ankle and cracked shoulder going down a hill on my way to school on the same bike going around a turn at 11 or 12
    Dislocated left wrist getting bucked off a horse when about 13ish

    Did good for a while then got a little older and dumber
    Broke finger with a hammer
    Broke shoulder going down a water slide head first and slamming into the bottom

    Started road racing sport bikes and over the corse of seven years broke multiple fingers, multiple ribs, right shoulder, both ankles, tail bone, and hairline fractured hip

    Broke left wrist again getting bucked off of a horse yet again

    And the last one about 5 yerars ago was a wreck on the street (the one time I road without a helmet) broken shoulder, two ribs, and fractured skall.

    The ugliest one

  10. robertusa123

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    lets see ree bar thure the foot at a costruction sight. broken rbbs from a car accident. but luckley never a misshap from a firearm other then a soure shoulder
  11. customammo72

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    OH HOLY ****!! I can't imagine that one, glad you were apparently close to a hospital to get treatment for that one!! Damn dude, that is one hell of an accidental injury......:(
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  13. Gizord1

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    Too many to count!

    As far as firearms go:

    Been hit by a ricochet .22, but thankfully it was an aguila and I was wearing jeans, so it didn't penetrate but it sure did sting like hell.

    ALMOST got hit by another .22 ricochet, and this one would've done some serious damage. I heard it hit the metal silhouette target, then I heard it zip right past my head, and hit my shed behind me.

    Had a 209 primer explode in my face. Not fun. No injuries, but it took a couple days to regain hearing.

    I've cut my hand multiple times on my FIE .22, until I took a dremel to that thing.

    I've also caught on fire, pyrotechnic wise. X3

    I've also accidentally stabbed myself multiple times. Not too deep. Deepest was about a half inch.
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  14. kytowboater

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    Never been shot thankfully. Been pelted plenty dove hunting tho.

    Pretty lucky from what I've read.

    Pinched nerves in my neck and shoulders, rotor cuffs are bad in both shoulders, impengment(spelling) in both, not as bad on left.
    Dislocated both shoulders.
    Thanks football lol.

    Broke most of the ribs down my left side. Horse threw me into a fence.

    Various cuts blah blah blah. Two minor stab wounds. Little ones, one by friebd that was an accident. Other by me, knife unlocked in pocket. Opened up. Eye opener lol.

    Split my wig when I was little nice scar there. Had most fingers dislocated.
  15. Vikingdad

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    Caught on fire once while fueling a car. That was exciting.
  16. kytowboater

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    Stop. Drop. Roll. Scream like little girl.
  17. Gizord1

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    You didn't answer your cell phone, did you?
  18. Vikingdad

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    Nope. I just continued fueling the car. It was during a pit stop in the 24 Hours of Daytona back in 1989. I was the fuel man, the fuel port was located directly over the red hot exhaust outlet, the 3" fuel hose puked about a half gallon on me when I put it in the car, then it dripped down the car onto the exhaust and "WOOF!" I was on fire. If I had pulled out it might have gotten worse. There were 2 guys with fire extinguishers trained on me and they put it out pretty quick while I finished filling the car. I got some 2nd degree burns on my neck where the firesuit didn't cover me (I should have had a balaclava on, but didn't).

    Didn't have one in 1989.
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    Oops non gun related...
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