Accidentally took the firing pin mechanism out of my .243 trying to get it back in

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  1. jeremiahjw

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    I was trying to put the bolt back into my Sako L579 Forrester .243,


    when somehow I accidentally took out the firing pin mechanism that is in the center of the bolt.


    So uh, how do I get it back in? I fiddled with it, then my dad messed with it. Can't get it back in. I'll go to a gunshop tomorrow if I can't figure something out online.
  2. JonM

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    if you have released the firing pin spring your gonna have a devil of a time getting it back in. which sounds like that is exactly what happened. it should just drop right back and twist and be back in one piece.

  3. c3shooter

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    This MAY be what you need- unsure of the translation into English

    It is not generally necessary to disassemble the bolt. But, in case too much oil
    has accumulated inside the bolt, which can cause stiffness or misfires, it should
    be cleaned. If you intend to use the firearm in cold weather, removal of excess
    oil in the bolt is particularly important.
    If the rifle is provided with the KEY CONCEPT® safety locking system, the bolt
    can be opened and removed only when the safety lock is unlocked.
    Having removed the bolt from the firearm, the firing pin assembly is removed by
    turning the bolt shroud clockwise until its locking notches are disengaged from
    the bolt body and the bolt shroud springs backwards. Having done this, the bolt
    shroud and firing pin assembly, with the spring and spring guide, can be removed
    from the bolt. Normally it is not necessary to disassemble the bolt any
    further for cleaning purposes.
    Having cleaned the bolt, reverse the order to reassemble. If the bolt is provided
    with the KEY CONCEPT® safety locking system, it should be unlocked (red dot
    is visible) when reassembling the bolt. First insert the firing pin assembly, with
    the spring and spring guide, into place with the bolt shroud so, that cocking piece
    is on the opposite side of the bolt handle and the locking notches of the bolt
    shroud are fitted into position at the rear end of the bolt body (Fig. 12).
    The bolt shroud is then pushed against the bolt, and simultaneously turned
    counter-clockwise, until the cocking piece cam stops in the notch (D in Fig. 13)
    before the cocking slope.
  4. jeremiahjw

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    It was hard getting it to clamp down while twisting it into place, took two people to get it back together.

    Yeah, that is what I needed, although it didn't make sense without the illustrations (wasn't sure what they meant by bolt shroud).

    Anyway, thanks for y'alls help. I figured it out, and it is all good now. In case someone needs help in the future with this, I'm posting a short description of how to get it back together.

    Fit the firing pin mechanism (top image) into the bold (bottom). You'll see a protruding part on the firing pin mechanism (A), which fits into a groove in the bolt (B) (see parts circled in red). Once it is fitted into the grove, pull down on the part circled in yellow. It will come down, and you will need to turn it either right or left, and then it will slide into place. My dad had to hold it down, while I twisted.

  5. cpttango30

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    Here is a video of how to do it on a remmy 700 I know you have a sako but this will give you a rough idea on how to do it.

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  6. TXnorton

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    Tango, Thanks for that video, I guess after shooting it for 33 years I ought to take the bolt apart on my M-700 and clean the firing pin!
  7. jeremiahjw

    jeremiahjw New Member

    Haha, my dad owned the gun before me, and had never taken it out either.