Accidental Discharge

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    There are only two kinds of computer users. Those that haven't crashed yet, and those that are about to. There are also two kinds of shooters. Those who have never had an AD, and those that are about to. Well let's hope not.

    Would you be willing to humble yourself, swallow your pride, and share your dumbass, dufas, AD experience with others, in the hope that it may prevent a tragedy. I'll start, and willing accept all criticism, ridicule, and name calling. This happened 31 years ago, but I'll never forget it.

    Back in the early 80's, I use to do a lot of IPSC shooting with a 44 Mag revolver. Back then, we just shot whatever we had in these matches. Now reloading a revolver quickly takes quite a bit of practice. So one day I'm standing in front of my big picture window in the living room and practicing my reloads with what I thought were my dummy rounds. You guessed it. BANG! The sound was deafening! I was shocked beyond belief. I sank to my knees like I had been shot. I swear my heart stopped beating as I had stopped breathing. My blood pressure went through the roof. I had just put a nice neat little round hole in my big picture window. My girlfriend and her kids and my kids were all in the kitchen right next to me. They all came running. I tried to get up but was to shaky. There were houses right across the street. Where did that round go? Try as I might, I could not determine. I could have gone there, or there, or there, or? I was waiting for ambulances to appear somewhere in the neighbor, along with a flood of squad cars. As the minutes passed, I felt worse and worse. Absolutely indescribable! Ten minutes passed, then 20, then 30, then 40, then 50. But all was quiet outside. An hour later, I walked outside to view the hole in the window, and looked across the street. Where did that round go? I never did find out. No ambulances or squads ever came. It was like nothing had happened. I didn't sleep all night. This incident put the fear of God in me concerning guns. It's only by His grace and mercy that I didn't end up in prison for taking an innocent life.

    Glean from this what you will. I violated umpteen safety rules. We play with deadly stuff. While we say it all the time, it really has to sink in. BE SMART. BE ALERT. AND ALWAYS BE SAFE!

    Don <><
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    I loaded and shot before the range officer said we could...

  3. danf_fl

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    Accidental or Negligent discharge.

    I've had an accidental during a competition.
    The RO gave the instruction "Load and make ready". On letting the slide go forward, the 1911 went full auto.

    The firing pin broke on a previous run and enough stuck out (being held by the spring) that it would not retract.

    Yeah, I got DQ'd.
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    That was a mechanical failure mine was negligent.
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    At my (former) club, a highly experienced shooter had a ND, the same night I had an AD. It really rattled me, but drove home with an explanation point the importance of safety.
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    Missouri state Idpa 2012. I was first shooter on our first stage.

    Same story and ending ... but mine only went bang once.

    Neither of us should've been DQ'd, the unsafe firearm should've been DQ'd... shooter uses backup gun.
  7. LikeABoss

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    Never an AD but many times have done a safety check on which I thought was an empty weapon and found one in the pipe sends a cold chill down my spine every time.
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    Never had a AD but that is my worst nightmare. Two things that I take very seriously are driving and guns.
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    I had one once with my 870. I was at the range and had the chamber open, barrel was down range. I loaded the one shell into the chamber and slammed the pump forward... Immediately BANG. Scared the crap outa me. Saw the dust cloud at the ground of the 25 yd target. I almost stopped shooting but told myself it happens and I needed to sight the shotgun in so I stayed and rattled off 19 more slugs.
  10. kytowboater

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    Trap shooting with my 1100 on a farm, gun malfunctioned, went to clear the chamber, muzzle in the air and buttstock on my thigh, dropped the bolt pulling it back, gun slam fired. Firing pin was fouled up I guess. Broke it down and cleaned it. Didn't happen again. Was 300 rounds into it that day. Scared the crap out of me.
  11. vincent

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    Mad props to y'all for owning mistakes...:cool:

    Mine was at age 11, though not completely my fault...

    Scout Jamboree, going for my marksmanship merit badge...(ya, I know, what's that?)...I sit at the bench behind some old azz blackpowder something or was a long time ago...thing was longer than I was tall, I shoulder it, align my sights, go for the trigger and BOOM...not ready, knocked my 80 pound azz clear off the bench...

    The RO and my d**kface stepdad were in hysterics, (apparently seeing a kid in pain was amusing to them somehow and I'm here to tell ya THAT SH*T HURT)...

    Come to find out the joke was on me as they never bothered to tell me about the 'hair trigger', they wanted to see what would happen...ha ha, very funny motherfu**ers...:mad:

    Wasn't my first time shooting but I made sure it was my last for a LONG time...(sans the Crossman BB gun I bought myself with my paper route money at age investment I EVER made)...not that I was afraid to shoot anymore, I didn't trust anyone not to pull that sadistic sh*t on me again...

    I've heard stories like this about people playing 'tricks' on new shooters and every time I do, I want to punch the jokers right in the nards, just ain't cool...:mad:
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    This happend to me hunting with my Mossberg 500 loaded the gun went to put one in the pipe and bang almost pooped my self lol I think my friend pissed him self lol we walked off the other way
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    I learned the hard way that the safety on a Jennings J-22 locks the firing pin forward (into the chamber) when I was 14.

    Dad and I were shooting in the back yard, when he decided to train me on the new gun he picked up for mom. He handed it to me, had me drop the mag, clear the chambr, and put the safety on. We both forgot to take the safety off whe I put in the magazine and racked the slide. BANG! Thank god it was pointed in a safe direction.

    In dad's defense, he bought the pistol used in a pawn shop with no owner's manual, so even he did not have a chance to read the warnings. The owner's manual warns of this problem, but we were still waiting on it to arive. As a result, I am now a manual and make sure that weapon is clear nazi.
  14. winds-of-change

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    I don't understand this. What does the safety being off have to do with the gun firing when the slide is racked. Remember......I still have a lot to learn.
  15. jjfuller1

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    In that gun when the safety is on it blocks or keeps the firing pin protruding into the chamber as if he was firing. When he racked it the pin hit the rim of the cartridge being loaded and it went bang.
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    I was 16 ... she was 15 ... she said not to get any in her hair but ... Shazaam!!! :p
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    Lol thats wrong
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    i was about 13 or so, and my uncle and i were duck huntin in the edge of flooded timber. we both had model 1100s, but his was 12 ga and mine was 20 ga.

    well, @ that time, lead was still in use, and the mallard drake was about 40 or 50 yards out....too far for the lil 20, so he hands me the 12 with nitro magnum loads in it.

    i eased up next to him and he handed me the shotgun, took aim, and BLOOM, it went off. lead flew towards the drake and i flew away from him. my boots had taken suction in the gumbo mud and tripped me up. as i went down, my uncle was moving forward to see about the mallard, but unbeknownst to him, i was turned around backwards, almost laying in the water, with the 12 ga layin 1/2 under it (the water).

    long story short, my trigger finger was still inside the guard and as i was tryin to get control of the shotty, it went off again, into a HUGE oak tree that was about 2 - 3 feet behind my uncle.

    needless to say that it scared the $hit outta he and i both. i will never forget that good lesson in firearms handlin, and never forget the luck that was with us that day.